10 Things to Do Before Moving into a New Home

Whether you are moving for the first time or the tenth time there are always things you can do before you move into your new home that will make your life easier. Here are 10 tips that you may not have considered when moving!

1. Coordinate Closing Date and Move-In Date

Try to leave yourself several days or more between the date that you close on your new home and the date you want to move in. This will give you time to attend to a number of important tasks.                     

2. Change the Locks

You will receive a couple sets of keys when you close on your house but who knows if they are the only keys in existence. For your own security and peace of mind arrange to have new locks installed.

3. Change the Alarm Codes

If the house already has an alarm system and you plan to continue with the provider, make sure you change the alarm codes. If there isn’t a system, consider having one installed.

4. Book an Appointment for Internet, Cable and Phone

If you wait until you have moved in to try to book an appointment to have internet, cable or satellite TV installed you may be surprised to find that you will have to wait a week or more. Call a couple of weeks in advance and book service for a day or two after your move-in date.

5. Clean Home Thoroughly

An empty house will be easier to clean than waiting until all of your furniture arrives. The previous homeowners are required to leave the house in “broom swept” condition but this will rarely mean totally clean. You can arrange for a professional housecleaning service or do it yourself.

6. Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

This is the ideal time to have carpets cleaned and to properly dry; just make sure that they are covered before furniture is moved in. A professional mover will bring floor protectors or if you are doing your own move you can buy them at a Home Depot or moving supply firm.

7. Clean Inside Cupboards and Install Closet Organizers

Even in a new home, the inside of cupboards usually needs a good scrubbing and the application of shelf paper. Similarly if you are planning to install some closet organizers doing this before you move in will help reduce your overall workload.

8. Have Ductwork Professionally Cleaned

One way to ensure that you have good air quality in your home is to have clean ducts. In an older home, there can be a buildup of dust, mold, fungus or pet hair and in a new home there is usually a fair amount of construction debris left behind.  

9. Have Utilities Connected

Arrange to have your heat and electricity connected immediately after closing on the house. That way you will be able to do some things in the house before you move-in.

10. Obtain Set-Up Necessities

Bring light bulbs, cleaning supplies, first-aid kit, flashlight, toilet paper and other necessary items so that you can get things set up before you move in.

For more tips on things to do before moving into your new home contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.   

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