20 Things to Look for in the Best Canadian Moving Companies

20 Things to Look for in the Best Canadian Moving Companies

You’ve booked a mover online and are feeling smug because you think you got a great deal. It is true that no one from the company came to have a look at what you are moving from your four bedroom, double car garage house with a complete workshop in the basement. But that’s okay, because the cheap price was just too good to pass up!

You told your friends and family that all those stories you hear about nightmare moves won’t happen to you. Moves where the final cost doubles, your furniture goes missing, or everything arrives damaged only happens to other people - right?

The Internet is a great tool for research, but when it comes to buying an intangible service like moving, you have to be a bit more careful. Most Canadian moving companies have a website, but not all movers actually have all of the services and resources they advertise. Since you will be entrusting all that you own to these people, you owe it to yourself to choose a company that will deliver on their promises.

Here are 20 of the most important things to ask the mover about when comparing various Canadian moving companies:

  1. Will the mover send a representative to your home in order to provide an accurate cost estimate?
  2. Will your estimate detail the specific cost of each service, and are there any guarantees as to accuracy?
  3. Does the moving company have a physical place of business, including office space and warehousing? Can you visit their facility?
  4. Does the moving company have any other branches or affiliates in other cities to assist you with settling in?
  5. Is the moving company a member of one of Canada’s national van lines?
  6. Do they have their own trucks? What types of trucks are available?
  7. Do they have proper truck insurance?
  8. Do they have workers’ compensation for their employees?
  9. Have employees had criminal background checks performed?
  10. What kind of training and quality control programs are in place for service personnel?
  11. What kinds of packing services are available? What if you want to do your own packing?
  12. Do you unpack mover packed items?
  13. Do you make a record of the items loaded on the truck?
  14. What types of storage facilities are available for short term or long term storage?
  15. How do you ensure that everything loaded is delivered at destination?
  16. How do you handle fine art or antiques?
  17. What happens if something gets lost or damaged? Do you receive full compensation or does depreciation get factored into a settlement?
  18. How is delivery date determined?
  19. Is there any compensation if the mover is late delivering the furniture?
  20. What methods of payment do you accept? Do I have to pay in advance or put down a large deposit?

The foregoing are the basics of your due diligence when comparing Canadian moving companies. Choosing the right mover is serious business. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam artists out there. The Canadian Association of Movers refers to these kinds of companies as rogue movers. They are likely not to have any actual investment in moving equipment, trucks or trained personnel. Instead, they lure consumers in with a slick website but with nothing to back it up. They resell or broker your move out to anyone who will take it, and pay them a commission. They do not take any responsibility for the final cost of the mover, late deliveries, loss or damage to your possessions or any other issue that might arise from choosing a rogue mover. Choosing the wrong mover will almost guarantee an unpleasant experience!

For more information about choosing the best Canadian moving companies, visit the website of the Canadian Association of Movers at www.mover.net or call 1-866-860-0065.

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