4 Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Moving

Companies in Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario or other cities who are moving their commercial office from one location to another may not realize all that is involved. Moving an office is quite different from a residential move. Unlike a household move where a single family is impacted; a commercial office move has many stakeholders. This includes the company itself, its employees, its suppliers and its customers.

The major goal as it relates to a commercial office move is to get the job completed as quickly and efficiently as possible so as not to disrupt the company’s business operations and impact negatively on its profitability.

Companies planning a commercial office move need to be aware of some issues that can arise if they do not choose the right moving company to handle their relocation. Here are four things that should be taken into consideration:

1. The Bidding Process

Obviously establishing a realistic price for your commercial move is the place to start. Not all moving companies have the expertise to handle a commercial office move. You should restrict your choices to companies like Premiere Van Lines who have a separate commercial moving division. You want a mover who has extensive experience in office moves of a similar size and complexity. Unless you have a very small office, begin by drawing up a “Request for Proposal” that outlines the scope of the job; the required timelines and other pertinent information.

Invite several moving companies in to physically view the premises so that they can see firsthand what is involved. Require bidding companies to submit a comprehensive quote in writing. These quotes should detail the equipment, manpower and other resources that will be used to complete the move. It is recommended that some form of guarantee be provided so as to ensure that the move stays within budget. One exception would be unexpected costs caused by unforeseen circumstances as a result of a third party.

When evaluating bids you should be suspicious of prices that are significantly lower than your other bids. Predatory pricing usually means that the mover either doesn’t fully understand the scope of the work or that they will do a sub-standard job. Their final bill is usually much higher than originally quoted. Always request references and take the time to verify that they are legitimate. Do not simply rely on marketing testimonials.

2. Importance of a Project Manager

A commercial office move requires extensive coordination and attention to a myriad of details. When choosing a moving company it is best to select one who has offered to assign one of their personnel to act as a project manager. This individual will be the liaison between your company and all of the service providers involved in your move.

3. Keeping Files and Documents Organized

As hard as you may try, most companies cannot avoid having hundreds (if not thousands) of paper files and other documents. Even as we embrace the age of digital files it is almost impossible to totally eliminate hard copies of some files and documents. Keeping these files in order during a move is imperative, especially legal documents. The best way to accomplish this objective is to have the moving company do the packing. The mover generally will use plastic bins that the files can be placed in so that they stay in order. Each bin will be carefully labeled to make the job of unpacking easier. This will enable the business to be up and running faster.

4. Who Handles Installation Services?

Today’s offices can have a wide range of work stations, cubicles and other modular office systems. The disassembly, reconfiguration or installation of these items requires specific tools and expertise. Unless you choose a moving company like Premiere Van Lines who has personnel who have been factory trained in the various manufacturer systems it will be necessary for you to hire a separate installation company. Choosing a full service commercial moving company with its own installation division is the most efficient and cost effective option.

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I was impressed by the quality and work ethic of the men who delivered both of our moves.  The “foreman” Tommy and Mark did all they could to make the moves easy and problem free.  It wasn’t run-of-the-mill to them.  It is appreciated!

Colleen from Winnipeg

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