5 Refreshing Tips for Moving in Spring

With the chilly temperatures of winter behind you and the heat of summer yet to arrive, spring is the ideal time to move. In today’s busy real estate market, families in Regina, Saskatchewan or any other city across Canada know it’s easier to sell their homes in spring as that’s typically when the buyer wants a quick closing.

Spring time is also less hectic time for moving companies than mid-summer, so more resources are available and move prices might be lower. If you’re planning on a spring move, here are 5 tips for planning success:

1. Move Only What You Want and Need

Your real estate agent probably advised you to declutter when you put your home up for sale. If you’re like most people, you likely moved items into your garage or portable container to be sorted out later. Now that your home has sold, it’s time to go through which belongings you want to move with you. Remember, the less you move the lower your moving bill.

2. What to Do With Items You Don’t Plan to Move

There are four categories to consider for these items: sell, donate, recycle or send to landfill. Depending on your possessions, you can post an ad on line, contact a second-hand furniture store or have a garage sale.

Items for donation can be taken to one of the many charitable organizations. Value Village is one of the best since they accept a wide variety of household goods, clothing, books and electronics.

If you have items past their life cycle, take them to your local waste facility. Items that are past their life cycle can be driven to the local waste facility. These locations have separate disposal centres for things that can be recycled (especially electronics), but they also accept garbage for the landfill.

3. How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale

If you’ve decided to hold a garage sale, be sure to get the whole family involved. To make the most money from sales, ensure your items look as attractive as possible. You want your customers to think they’re getting a great deal by purchasing something they like, without having to pay retail price.

  • Advertise your sale heavily with local signs and online through social media
  • Rent some folding tables and a few clothing racks to display items
  • Group similar items on the same table
  • Have an extension cord to a power source so people can verify items are in working order
  • Have music playing and consider offering refreshments free of charge or for a small fee
  • Price items in advance, but be prepared to negotiate
  • Have change available and don’t leave cash box unattended

4. Who do You Contact for a Moving Quote?

Trying to round up friends to help you move yourself can be a difficult task. The risk of injury and the lack of expertise are two reasons why people don’t line up to volunteer. Moving is hard work, so it’s preferable to hire a moving company to do the job for you. A professional mover has the trained personnel and proper equipment to make sure your household possessions are moved safely and damage free.

When choosing a moving company don’t let price be the only deciding factor. Of course you want to save money but you don’t want to take too many chances with your valued possessions. Get recommendations from friends and family or visit the Canadian Association of Movers website at www.mover.net.

Stay away from companies who don’t have an actual physical moving presence with trucks, a warehouse, office and their own trained personnel. These types of companies are known as “rogue” movers who resell your move job to third parties and take no responsibility for services provided.

5. How to Compare Moving Quotes

Try and get your moving quote as accurately as possible. This is especially important if you’re moving long distance where the charges are predicated on the weight of shipment and priced on a published rate tariff.  With a local move the cost is shown as the number of hours and the hourly rate. To get precise quotes for comparison:

  • Have each company send a sales representative to your home to view what needs to be moved
  • Be suspicious of quotes that are much lower than other quotes in terms of weight, number of hours or total charges
  • Insist on an itemized estimate detailing all charge, including taxes
  • Ask for a confirmation letter with all details, including scheduling and any special requirements agreed to

Following the tips outlined in this blog will go a long way towards making your spring move a successful one. For more details and a free moving quote, contact our Premiere Van Lines Regina branch at 306-359-1966 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.

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