5 Tips for a Family Relocation

When it comes to family relocation, you’ll need to be prepared that some members of your family might not be very excited about the prospect of moving.

This can be especially true with older children who are concerned about changing schools and leaving their circle of friends. That’s why it’s important for parents to respect feeling and concerns. However, once a decision is made to relocate your family, you’ll need to find ways to make the experience as stress-less as possible for each family member.

Families who have moved often (members of military, corporate work transfers) will tell you that a family relocation can, at times, bring your family closer together. The trick is to get everyone involved so there’s a sense of family solidarity. Rather than leaving your kids out of planning, get them involved in every stage of the move.

Here’s 5 tips to make your family relocation more enjoyable for everyone:

1. Informing Children About the Move

Don’t let your “For Sale” sign on the front lawn be the way your kids find out about the move. It might be surprising, but it does happen. Once you make the decision to relocate, get your family together to discuss it at a time when there’s minimal interruptions and distractions. From there, clearly explain why you’re moving. It could be a company transfer, a move closer to grandparents or the chance to live in a really great location. Be positive about your decision, but also be prepared for some opposition. Listen to your children’s concerns but don’t leave them with the idea that they have a veto. Be prepared to show them some websites about the new location and what it’s got to offer. Stress the advantages and try to inspire a sense of excitement and adventure.

2. Get Family Involved with Purging

One big advantage to moving is that it encourages you to do lots of purging. Every family has many things they no longer need, use or are broken and unusable. Get your kids involved in the purge too. Start asking them to go through their own belongings and decide which items they’re willing to part with. If you get opposition, don’t force the issue. Sometimes, hanging on to a few outdated toys gives them a sense of comfort. The best way to purge is to divide items into four categories: keep, sell, donate or discard.

3. Getting Ready for the Move

When you’re moving, there’s never a shortage of tasks at hand. Start with a moving checklist of things to do and people to be notified. If you’re using a moving company like Premiere Van Lines, your personal moving consultant can provide you with a standard checklist. Assign some of these responsibilities to each family member, so they feel like part of the experience. If you’re doing some (or all) of your own packing, it’s always best to get everyone involved.

4. Family Outings and Saying Goodbye to Friends

Although you’ll be busy getting ready for your move, it’s important to set aside time to take your family out to their favorite restaurant or do some activities that everyone enjoys. This helps lower stress. The same applies to getting together with friends or family members. You might decide to have one large multi-generational party or arrange separate get-togethers for your children and their friends. Make sure your children know they can email, text or phone their friends once they get to your new location. This will make the transition easier, especially until they get settled and make new friends.

5. Making the New House a Home

If possible, take your children with you on house hunting trips. Although your kids aren’t the ones deciding on which house to buy, you can ask for their ideas and input. If an actual trip isn’t possible, then online photo galleries from your realtor are the next best thing. Once your new home’s been purchased, involve your children by letting them choose the paint colour and decorative items for their room. Also, get room measurements and have your children assist in drawing up floor plans for furniture placement – make settling into your new home a family affair.

For more information about making a family relocation more enjoyable contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.

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