6 Moving in Together Tips to Avoid Tension

Moving in together is a big step in any couple’s relationship. Today approximately 60% of people live together before they decide to marry; for some it is considered to be a kind of “trial marriage” but for others it can be simply a matter of convenience and a way to save on living expenses. Regardless of your reason for moving in together there are some practical things to take into account before your moving day. Here are some useful moving in together tips to help you make the move as easy as possible.

1. Blending Two Households

If each of you have previously lived on your own, you are likely to already have furniture and other household items. Generally, most households don’t need two sets of couches, coffee tables, utensils and other household goods, which means compromises will have to be made on which set will be kept. This means that you will need a little advance planning, some purging and letting go of a few loved items.

2. Furnishing and Decorating

When it comes to furniture, you have to decide what pieces will work together in specific rooms. This is where some sensitivity and compromise comes into the picture. Both of you may have favourite items that you can’t part with so have a discussion in advance. Decide jointly how you will furnish and decorate your new home. From a practical point of view, not moving things that will be discarded will save you money on moving expenses.

3. Planning the Physical Move

It is a known fact that moving is stressful, and moving two people at once can be even worse. Companies like Premiere Van Lines will assign an experienced moving consultant to help you plan and coordinate the moving of two households into one. The consultant will arrange the scheduling of pickups and will let you know what time to book elevators and loading docks so that the move goes smoothly. Prepare a floor plan in advance so that you can instruct the movers where to place the furniture in the new home.

4. Sharing the Cost

Even if you don’t use a mover, there will be moving related expenses like truck and equipment rentals. In addition you may need things for your new home like window coverings or other essentials. Decide in advance how you will split the cost of these expenditures. Eventually you will have other shared expenses, so start out knowing how you will handle this sensitive area. Consider getting a new credit card or opening a joint checking account for shared expenses. When choosing a credit card, get one that offers some kind of loyalty incentives so down the road you can treat yourselves.

5. Household Chores

Living together can bring some big and sometimes unwelcome surprises. Every household requires work to keep it clean, tidy and liveable. Work this out in advance as to who has specific responsibilities. A complete 50/50 split isn’t always practical and can cause some unnecessary moving in together tension. A little flexibility goes a long way in the happy living department but at least assigning some of the key responsibilities in advance is a good start.

6. A Little Time for Yourself

If you have been living on your own you probably value your privacy and a little me time. Now that you are moving in together you should make an effort to carve out a little space for yourself. You don’t have to be in each other’s company every waking hour. Have a comfy chair in the bedroom where you can read while your other half is watching their favourite TV show or working on their laptop. Having an independent life along with your joint life will make the relationship more enjoyable.

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I was impressed by the quality and work ethic of the men who delivered both of our moves.  The “foreman” Tommy and Mark did all they could to make the moves easy and problem free.  It wasn’t run-of-the-mill to them.  It is appreciated!

Colleen from Winnipeg

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