7 Tips for Stress Free Summer Moving

Summer time is known to be peak moving season. In fact, over 60% of all moves take place during June, July and August. Since workplaces slow down and it’s easier to take vacation – it becomes a lot more convenient for families in Truro, Nova Scotia and any other Canadian city to move into a new home.

To ensure stress-free summer moving, check out these top seven tips:

1. Book Your Mover Early

If you’re planning a move soon, choose a mover as soon as possible. With moving services being in high demand, it’s smart to do a mid-week move, when moving companies aren’t as busy. Ideally you should book a mover at least six to eight weeks in advance as well as select a mover with resources like: trucks, moving equipment and trained personnel.

2. Stay Away from Rogue Movers

Don’t let you moving plans be thrown into a tailspin by booking with incredibly affordable rogue movers who don’t end up showing up on moving day. Instead, make sure the company you choose has their own personnel and moving trucks readily available. Rogue movers don’t have their own personnel vehicles or moving equipment and usually subcontract your move out to an unknown company. They also take no responsibility for services or final costs.

3. Consider Professional Packing Service

It’s no secret that packing can be hard work and time consuming! Since most people would rather be outside enjoying summer activities, it makes it all the more difficult to be stuck inside packing items. Professional moving companies like Premiere Van Lines offer affordable packing services that free up your time and alleviate stress. If you’re on a limited budget, consider having a moving company help pack only breakable items, which are most challenging to do.

4. Don't Pack Heat Sensitive Items

Keep in mind that temperatures inside a moving van are generally 10 to 20 degrees hotter than outside. This means it’s imperative that heat sensitive items not be loaded onto the truck. When you work with Premiere Van Lines, we recommend that all customers refrain from putting aerosol cans inside their shipment. Since a moving van can get up to nearly 100 degrees during some of the hottest days, the chance of explosion is much greater. Similarly, anything perishable like food items or plants shouldn’t be on the truck during local or long distance moves.

5. Remember Your Movers Are People Too

Moving heavy furniture is tough and completing this job when it’s hot and humid takes a toll on the human body. When you work with a professional moving crew, they’re trained to work under these conditions. However, remember that they’re not immune to less than ideal temperatures. Staying properly hydrated while moving is extremely important and most crew members will bring a bottle or two of water to keep them going.

6. Relocate Children and Pets on Moving Day

On moving day, keep your children and pets happy and out of the way by sending them to a family member or a friend’s house. Rather than trying to entertain your kids at the same time as your move, minimize your stress by pre-planning their playdate elsewhere. Similarly, you don’t want your dog or cat to get out or lost while you’re dealing with the moving van. Having someone else take care of family members while you organize your move makes things much easier.

7. Take Your Own Break

It’s important for you to be at the house when the movers arrive. This way you can point out any areas of concern and review inventory as well as sign forms. Likewise, you should be there before the truck leaves so you can do a final walk-through and make sure nothing gets left behind. After that however, it’s not necessary for you to stand around and wait for the truck to be loaded. Feel free to run a few errands or having a relaxing lunch. Just make sure the van operator has your number so he can call you before the truck leaves.

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I am writing to commend the work of Premiere Van Lines on our recent move from Hamilton, New Zealand to Halifax.  I want to make clear that all of our interactions with Premiere staff were very professional and very effective at getting our job done right.  I have been professionally moved 11 times in my career and this move was by far the best!

James from Halifax

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