8 Ways to Make Moving in Together With Kids Less Stressful

When you have kids, moving in with a new partner is an incredibly daunting step in the relationship. Not only is this an adjustment for you, but an adjustment for your children that can be hard to process. Obviously, your children shouldn’t have veto power over whether or not you decide to take this step, but they need to be considered and thoughtfully talked to. Most children are incredibly adaptable and will be happy with their new circumstances, but you are responsible for taking the time to help them come to terms with their new situation.

Here are some of the best ways for making moving in together with kids stress-free:

  1. The biggest piece of advice you will ever receive is not to have a “for sale” sign on the front lawn, or having strangers touring their house without warning. This may seem silly, but it has happened many times. Parents sometimes get so caught up in all of the things they need to accomplish in order to move that they jump to showing off the house.
  2. Call a family meeting on a day or night where there are no distractions like recreational activities or friends over at the house, and discuss the upcoming changes. Make sure that phones and laptops are turned off, and you can have a thoughtful conversation with your children.
  3. Present the new opportunity in the most positive light possible. Explain that you and your partner have thought long and hard about this decision, and that you both want the relationship to progress. Moving itself can be very difficult on children, so ensure you put a positive spin on the experience and their new authority figure.
  4. Answer questions truthfully and don’t dismiss negative comments. Give your children the time needed to express their opinion. Don’t give them the impression however that you will change your mind just because they say they don’t want to move.
  5. Allow the kids to be part of the house choosing process. Begin your initial search online, so you can show them pictures of different homes and see how they react to different styles. Though their first pick might not be the house you choose, they’ll be happy to feel included in picking the place that will become their new home.
  6. When moving in together with kids, there’s a good chance you and your partner will have multiple versions of items you need one of. Allow the family to bond by setting up a yard sale for getting rid of these duplicate items, and use the proceeds to do something fun.
  7. Allow the children to plan how they want their new rooms to look. Take an outing with your partner and kids to look at paint swatches, new furnishings and more. This helps to connect the idea of the excitement of a new home to an experience with your partner, and create a bond.
  8. As a family, plan a visit to a favorite restaurant, museum or sports event. Allow your partner and children to spend time together doing exciting activities, and building a better relationship that will help with the moving in process.

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First, I would like to thank you and your team for the great work done over all the moving process.  Your guys did amazing work, we got all the information we need about our moving, we knew that you cared about us.  The loading day, everything went smoothly, the team was professional and took great care of our stuff!!  Thanks for all!!

Julie & Steve from Montreal

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