Best Moving Companies for the Treasures of Your World

When choosing a mover, a lot of people don’t stop to consider that they will be entrusting everything they own to that company. Just think about how long it took you to acquire all of your possessions and how much money you have spent to purchase them. Then think about those items you own that have sentimental (not necessarily monetary) value, like the china passed down from your grandmother. To whom would you trust these “treasures of your world”?

It is doubtful that you would trust just anyone who claims to be a mover! The best moving companies are the ones who have made major investments in safe modern trucks and moving equipment. Perhaps even more importantly, the best moving companies are the ones who have invested in training their personnel in the “Art of Moving”.

It starts with choosing the right individuals for the job. Moving requires more than brute strength. A mover is given intimate access to a customer’s home, which means the best moving companies want to be sure that the people they hire are honest and trustworthy. Employees should also be screened in advance to ensure they do not have a criminal record. These are the type of people that you would want to move your possessions.

Once the moving company chooses their employees, they need to be fully trained in the proper and safe handling of all types of furniture, appliances, electronics and other items found in homes today. Packers must be skilled in preparing fragile and delicate items like china, crystal, collectables etc. to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition at the new home. If a customer has fine art or antiques, then these items require even more attention.

With the best moving companies, this training process is similar to serving an apprenticeship. Employees work with more experienced personnel, honing their skills and working their way up to larger and more complex moving situations. Often you may find that the owner of the moving company or franchise started out this way. Moving really requires a “hands on” kind of entrepreneur - someone who knows how the job should be done to maximize customer satisfaction.

In the event you require storage this is an area where you should do your due diligence before choosing a mover. You want your possessions safely stored in a clean, dry, pest-free, fire protected, alarmed warehouse. The best moving companies have government inspected and approved warehouses that meet the stringent standards set by the Canadian government. There are far too many stories in the media about rogue movers who just stash customers’ possessions in a drafty barn or garage because they do not have proper storage facilities. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your furniture…would you?

Moving out of your old home is only one-half of the moving equation! Moving in to the new home is the second part of the process. If your move involves travelling to another city, province or even a different country, who do you call if you need assistance at your destination? This is an area where the best moving companies differentiate themselves from sub-standard movers. Having a branch or affiliate in the destination city who can assist you and your family to get fully settled is a real benefit when moving. These associates can unpack company packed cartons, arrange to have appliances reconnected, provide valet type services if needed, and generally help make your new house feel like your home. In the unlikely event that you have any damage to your possessions, this destination agent will guide you through the claims process and will make the arrangements for repair or replacement through their network of local suppliers.

In addition, since these firms are local, they have a wealth of knowledge about your new community and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

When you choose one of the best moving companies to handle your move, you are not just buying physical moving services. You are buying “peace of mind” knowing that you have chosen a company who will live up to its promises.

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