The Best Moving House Unpacking Tips

Moving house is a process made up of numerous steps, each of which is important if you want to reduce your stress. At the pre-move stage you must decide if you are going to hire a professional moving company or go the “DIY” route. Once that decision is made, you have to determine if you are going to do all or some of your own packing or leave the job to the professionals. In most cases, budget will be the deciding factor when it comes to packing for a move. Many people decide on a worthwhile compromise - have the professionals pack your breakable items and do the rest yourself.

The one step that too few people pay attention to is unpacking. Just think about what happens after the furniture and all of the boxes are moved into your new house. Hopefully you have given some advance thought to the big job ahead of you, which is the unpacking of all those cartons, otherwise you may feel overwhelmed.

Here are some of the best moving house unpacking tips. As you will see giving some thought to unpacking at the packing stage makes all the difference.

  • When packing make sure all the cartons are marked for room destination and general contents.
  • It is a good idea to identify cartons that contain items that you will need within the first 48 hours of moving in to your new home.
  • Similarly, mark cartons containing items that will be stored in your basement or definitely not needed for an extensive period of time.
  • Start the unpacking process by first unpacking the cartons marked for immediate use.
  • Generally, people like to get their kitchen set up fairly quickly so make sure you purchase shelf-lining paper in advance.
  • If necessary, clean the shelves of cupboards first then lay down the shelf liner before opening any cartons.
  • Start by unpacking dishes a couple of boxes at a time.
  • Many people like to wash their dishes first before putting them in cupboards, however if you have used the proper white packing paper this may not be necessary.
  • Have a staging area where you can lay out the contents of packed boxes to keep things more organized, a dining room table or a large counter is ideal.
  • Don’t try to unpack cartons from multiple rooms simultaneously otherwise you will end up with stuff strewn all over and it will stress you out.
  • Set aside those cartons that have been marked either for storage or unpacking at a much later date.
  • If you are planning on installing a closet system, special hangers or other similar items, make your purchases in advance of unpacking those contents that will be placed in these closets.
  • If during the unpacking process you find that you have packed items that you know you will not need or don’t want, then set them aside for donation or disposal. Don’t put them away only to have to purge at a later date. Start out fresh with only the things you really need or want to have in your home.
  • Bundle packing paper and break down cartons as you unpack rather than leave this job to the end. It will help keep the rooms a little less cluttered, and will help discover any small items that may have been left in the packing paper.
  • If you purchased wardrobe cartons consider retaining them instead of disposing of them; they are ideal for out of season clothing storage.
  • Take breaks and spread your unpacking out over several days or even longer. By not trying to tackle the entire job at one time will definitely make unpacking a more bearable job.

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Great bunch of guys! Move was perfect. They were quick,helpful and courteous. We appreciated their advice and teaching me how to pack a box properly.

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