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The Best Unpacking Tips For Moving

Moving your home is a series of steps. The first decision is to decide if you are moving yourself or hiring a professional mover. Then you need to decide if you will be doing all your own packing or have the mover do some or all of it. 

The step that many people do not think about is unpacking. By the time this stage happens you are usually exhausted and have a house full of boxes to unpack. Here are some of the best unpacking tips for a move that will help reduce time and stress:

  • When packing cartons make sure they are all marked with a room destination and general contents, i.e. Master – linens, Spare Bedroom -dresser, Bathroom- cupboards
  • Identify cartons that contain items that you will need in the first 48 hours of moving into your new home. Mark them as “Immediate Use”
  • Mark cartons “Non Urgent” that will be stored in the basement and not needed for an extensive period like seasonal decorations, off season boots and shoes
  • Start the unpacking process by unpacking the cartons marked for Immediate Use
  • Have an area where you can lay out the contents of the boxes to keep things more organized, a dining room table or a large island is ideal
  • Start by unpacking dishes. If you used newspaper to pack your dishes they will need to be washed before you put them away. If you purchase packing paper from the mover, washing the dishes may not be necessary
  • Unpacking items from multiple rooms simultaneously is not recommended as there will be stuff everywhere. Unpack one room at a time
  • Set aside the cartons that have been marked either for Storage or Non Urgent. They can be unpacked at a much later date
  • Bundle packing paper and break down cartons as you unpack them rather than leaving this job to the end. It will help keep the rooms less cluttered and you can double check to make sure there are no small items left in the packing paper
  • Finally, take breaks and spread your unpacking out over several days; this will make the job easier and less physically exhausting

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