Friends as Moving Help vs. Professional Movers

Your house or condo is sold and you have found a new place to live. Now you have to make a decision on whether to try moving as a DIY project or to hire a professional moving company. At first you think, what’s the big deal… I’ll rent a truck and call up a few friends, it will be fun! But it’s important to consider all aspects of moving before you decide to disregard the idea of professional movers entirely.

Friends as Movers

Anyone who has moved themselves knows what a big job it is. Getting friends to sign on to the task may be even harder than you expect; everyone is busy these days and their schedule may not allow them to help out. What happens if one or more of your friends don’t show up on moving day? Something unexpected could come up that causes them to not be able to help, even if they promised they could, and in most cases you can’t delay a move. Someone else is scheduled to move in so you are expected to be out on time. Being late in getting moved out can cost you a penalty with the purchaser.

Sure you may save some money but is it worth the aggravation? Moving furniture is a skill. It requires both physical strength but more importantly it requires experience and knowledge to do the job safely and without any damage to your possessions or property.

Professional Movers

When you use a professional mover, each piece of furniture will be protected with clean moving pads and light-coloured upholstered pieces will be stretch-wrapped first and then will be further protected with a moving pad. This will ensure that your possessions arrive at the new home in the same condition as they were before the move. A professional mover will also protect your property by putting down floor runners and will cover your banisters with protective blankets. They have the proper equipment, and know how to maneuver furniture out of rooms without damaging walls or flooring.

Loading the moving truck properly comes from experience. A professional moving crew does this job on a daily basis. It is unlikely that you and your friends will know how to load things so they don’t shift in transit. This is especially important if you are moving more than a few miles away. A professional moving company also has fully trained personnel, and if a member of the assigned crew isn’t available they have other staff members who will fill in for them.

Potential for Injury

Another serious consideration when deciding on whether to use friends or a professional mover is the possibility of someone getting injured. You really don’t want to risk having a friend or yourself hurt while moving furniture. If this occurs someone could end up at the emergency room, missing time from work or having to have physiotherapy treatments to undo the damage. In the case of a serious injury it may mean that a claim will be filed against your homeowner’s policy and that will increase your premiums in the future. With a professional mover, you don’t have to worry about this because the crew is protected under the company’s worker’s compensation policy.

Once you take the time to weigh the pros and cons of having your friends help move you versus using a professional mover it quickly becomes evident that the way to go is to leave the job to the professionals.

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