Get Ready for Your Move with a Moving Sale

Moving is a great time to dispose of things you no longer want or use. Not only will it make the moving process easier with fewer things to move, but also it will give you a clutter-free head start for your new home. It can also save on moving expenses, the fewer items you have to move the lower your moving costs.

Holding a Moving Sale

Holding a moving sale is an excellent way to find new homes for your unwanted items and done right, you can make some money. These days most consumers are cost conscious, and being able to purchase quality items at a fraction of their retail price is something that appeals to a lot of people. Another type of potential purchaser are resellers who have their own booths at flea markets and who are always in the market for merchandise to sell.

Get the whole family involved and make this a fun event, even for the children. Ask everyone to choose what personal possessions they are willing to part with, and decide collectively what you will do with the money that is made. Perhaps it can go towards something the whole family wants for the new home, or an outing to a place that everyone enjoys.

Sellable Items

Once you have decided to hold a moving sale you should gather all of the items you plan to sell in one place. You are likely to find things that you have stored away that you have totally forgotten about. If you want your moving sale to be successful you have to think like a retailer. Inspect the items and discard anything that is too worn or broken, then take the time to clean the merchandise. If it looks attractive, people are more likely to want to purchase what you have to sell.

The next step is to sort the items into groups so they can be displayed together which makes it easier for potential buyers to choose what they want. The most desirable types of items for a moving sale include:

  • Children’s Clothing
  • Children’s Toys
  • DVD’s and CD’s
  • Children’s Books
  • Baby Strollers or Play Equipment
  • Video Games
  • Paperback Books
  • Small Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Garden Equipment
  • Tools
  • China (preferably in sets)
  • Handbags and Accessories
  • Furniture

Price out items in advance and if practical affix price stickers to the items. You can always negotiate with a customer but having a set starting point will make it easier than coming up with a price at the sale. If possible make an inventory list that includes the price. A general rule when pricing items for a moving sale is:

*    New or almost items                         40-50% off retail price

*    Older Items                                         10–25% off retail price

Set up attractive display areas by categories. If you are selling clothing, borrow or rent clothing racks to keep things neater; instead of just putting items out in boxes on the ground use collapsible tables. These can be rented at a very reasonable cost and again will show your merchandise to its best advantage. Books, CDS, DVDs can be placed standing up in shallow cartons so that people can sort through them more easily. If you are selling small appliances or electronics, run a good quality extension cord from an electrical outlet so that people can test the item out to make sure it works. Have some plastic shopping bags on hand. Play some lively music and, serve free coffee and/or cookies, and make your moving sale a real shopping experience for your customers.

Advertising Your Sale

Advertising your moving sale is the real key to success. If you are posting signs up around the neighbourhood make them as colourful as possible, and include a photo of some of the best merchandise. Use directional signs on the day of the sale similar to how realtors advertise an open house. You can rent or purchase the metal frames that can be set out on the boulevards. Make use of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and advertise on Kijjii or in your community newspaper. Post a notice on the bulletin board at your local grocery store and of course, use word of mouth to tell friends and neighbours. The more people that know about the sale, the more customers you will have attend.


Take safety and security into consideration as well when holding a moving sale. Here are a few reminders:

  • Have lots of change on hand but have whoever is handling money use a purse or fanny pack so the money is physically connected to the. Cash boxes could be left unattended and easily broken into.
  • Lock the doors to your home.
  • Do not allow customers to enter your home.
  • Keeps animals inside the house or away from the house for the duration of the sale.
  • Send very small children to a friend’s house or assign a family member to stay close to them.

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