Getting Your Basement Ready for a Move

Families in Edmonton (or other Canadian cities) who are moving sometimes underestimate how much effort could be required to empty out all of the things that may be stored in the basement. For most people the basement is sometimes considered the “out of sight…out of mind” depository for old unwanted furniture and other items. For others, their basement is often used as their own personal fitness centre. Both uses can present a moving challenge, especially if you are trying to do a “DIY” move. If you are someone with lots of things to be moved out of your basement, far better to hire a professional moving service like Premiere Van Lines.

Their skilled, experienced packers and movers know best how to handle this portion of your home. If you are like most families, the access to your basement is via a relatively narrow staircase which makes moving large, awkward items difficult if you are trying to do it yourself. Depending on how sophisticated of a fitness setup you have, you need someone with expertise to disassemble and reassemble your fitness equipment. Weight bars and treadmills are very heavy and awkward to move unless this is something you are accustomed to doing. 

In addition to these types of items, a basement can obtain numerous sports and recreation items including a large slate topped pool table. The table itself must be disassembled and it is best to have custom built crates made to protect the slate table top. Premiere has the skilled tradespeople needed for this task. 

Since people tend to use their basement to store a wide variety of items, they don’t always have them packed securely. Again this is where Premiere packers can provide a valuable moving service for a reasonable cost. Their packers will carefully pack your belongings into professional quality packing boxes cushioned in clean newsprint for maximum protection. They will carefully mark all boxes with the contents so if they need to be stored at destination, you will be able to find things easily.

One thing you can do before moving is to consider purging your basement of things you definitely no longer want. Old furniture can be sold at a garage sale or donated to a local charity. Broken items or things beyond repair can be discarded before your move which will save you money by reducing the overall size of your move. 

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The level of professionalism by the moving crew should be the standard across the industry.  I will use your company again in the future.  Thanks for making things seamless.

Chris from Fredericton

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