How a Long Distance Moving Company Makes All the Difference

Wow, not only are you moving, but you are moving long distance! You may have always dreamed of living in Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Chicago, New York or any one of a number of great cities in North America. Now that you have decided where you are going, you have to start planning your move.

Not A DIY Project

Long distance moving doesn’t lend itself to the rent a truck and move yourself system. For starters, do you know how to drive a large truck hundreds if not thousands of kilometers? What about loading the truck? Do you know how to properly do it so your furniture doesn’t get damaged?

Just do a little research on the internet to learn about the thousands of horror stories of people who tried this approach. Sites like or or articles that appeared in newspapers or investigations done by CTV recount problems experienced by people who tried the rent a truck option. Customer service problems are very common, however the most serious issues related to safety with trucks that were not in good mechanical condition. Saving a few dollars is not worth taking chances with your life.

Do Your Research

A long distance move is a lot more complex than just moving on a local basis. Choosing to use a long distance moving company instead of trying to do it yourself is really your best option. A professional moving company will help you design a moving plan that will meet your unique requirements and will help you find ways to stay within your allotted budget. They will provide you with advice and service options and will clearly explain all of the various steps involved in long distance moving. If you decide to do some or all of your own packing, representatives can give you professional moving tips and sell you professional quality packing materials at a reasonable price.

When you are moving long distance, it is far better to hire a professional moving company who have trained, experienced personnel and clean, modern, well maintained equipment. Loading a truck for a long distance isn’t for amateurs. A professional van operator knows that it is like constructing a big puzzle. When they come to load the furniture they will first walk through your home and look at everything from the perspective of how to best load and protect each item so that it doesn’t move or become damaged during transport.

Local Branches or Affiliations

Another important aspect of using a professional moving company for long distance moving relates to having a branch or affiliate of the company you hire available at the destination to help you get settled. They can provide unpacking services, arrange for appliance reconnection and assist you with any other services you may require. In the unlikely event that there is any damage, the local destination agent will help you with the filing of a claim and will be the ones to arrange for any repairs that are necessary.

If your long distance move is taking you to the United States then you will want the expertise of a long distance moving company to guide you through all of the customs regulations and documentation. US Customs and Homeland Security dictate who and what can be moved from Canada to the United States. If the procedures are not properly followed, it can result in your shipment being denied entry to the US. A professional moving company who routinely transports personal household shipments across the border fully understands how to comply with the regulations so that the move goes smoothly.

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