How to Make Moving Easier on New or Expectant Mothers

It is a known fact that moving is stressful at the best of times but for a new or expecting mom multiply that stress tenfold. The physical and emotional demands of being pregnant and caring for a new baby are overwhelming for most women; having to move at this already difficult time is not ideal but sometimes you don’t have a choice. If you find yourself in this situation the following tips on how to make moving easier may help.

You may have packed and moved yourself in the past, but at a time when your energy and time is at a premium, leaving this enormous task to the professionals at a reputable moving company is the optimal solution.

Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to make moving easier is to get started as far in advance as possible. Make lists of what has to be done, but don’t let the length of those lists get you down; take it one day at a time. Decide what tasks can be delegated to someone else even if means you have to supervise. Be as organized as possible.


Start packing as soon as you know you will be moving, as this will go a long way towards making moving easier. Packing is a big job and given your condition you will need to conserve your energy. Begin with items that you don’t absolutely need for day-to-day living. Label boxes carefully with specific contents and designated rooms. It will make unpacking easier. If you start weeks or even months in advance you can do a little each day, but be sure to take frequent breaks.

Get Help Packing

If time is more limited and you can’t afford to hire a packing crew then consider asking family members or friends assist with this task. You could even make it into a “packing party” on a weekend. You supply the packing supplies, food and drink and they provide the labour. People are usually more than happy to help, you just have to ask!

Pack All Your Essentials Separately

Make a list of things that you will need during the first few days in the new house. This could include the body pillow you can’t sleep without, extra comfy clothes, medications, supplies for the new baby or similar items. Label these boxes carefully and mark them to be last loaded and first unloaded from the truck. This way you will have what you need without having to unseal numerous boxes just to find these critical items.

Leave the Physical Moving to Others

You have already done your part by doing most of the packing. Now it is time to let others do their part. You can supervise by telling people where to place furniture in the new home but never take chances with your own health.

Have Painting or Renovations Done in Advance

If you are planning on having any painting or renovations done at your new home, try to coordinate your closing date and move-in date so as to allow the work to be done in advance. As a pregnant woman or a new mom, you don’t want to be exposed to fumes, excess dust or other conditions that are less than healthy for you and your baby.

Don’t Try to Unpack as Soon as You Move In

Another way to make moving easier is unpacking in stages. This is where proper labels on your packed boxes will really pay off. Your energy level will be compromised so don’t try to tackle all of the unpacking in the first few days. Unpack the necessities first and then gradually work your way through those items that you are unlikely to need for weeks or even months to come.

Moving while pregnant or soon as after having a baby is difficult, but with some advance planning, accepting help from others and self-care you can make moving easier on yourself.  Let professional movers at Premiere Van Lines help with your upcoming relocation. Get your no-cost and no-obligation moving estimate today or call Premiere Van Lines branch closest to you today!       

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From the packers, to the men who loaded our possessions onto the truck, and especially the driver, Curtis who was a superb leader of the crew, they did a first-rate job for us, and were right on time and never stopped working till the load was finished and on the van.  Thank you Clint for giving us such great service at such a reasonable cost – you more than met our needs and we are very appreciative.

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