How to Prepare for Winter Moving

Let’s face it, moving has always been difficult and time consuming. But moving in winter is almost always twice the challenge. Especially in most areas of Canada. Why’s that? Well for starters, many items you typically would be able to plan for, now remain out of control – think icy snow storms and chilly winds.

Not only are most people less energetic in the cold, but moving a household full of furniture, even under normal winter weather, takes twice as long as moving under warmer seasons.

Couple this with the potential for getting injured on a “DIY” move and most people will start to consider other options when it comes to winter moving.

Facts like these make a strong case for leaving your moving job up to professionals like Premiere Van Lines. Hiring a moving company for your winter move is automatically more economic since fewer people choose to move in winter. Movers are generally less busy than they would be in summer peak season, which means their rates are lower for customers.

Here are some useful tips to help you plan and prepare for moving in winter:

1. Hire a Professional Moving Company

Professionals have all the needed equipment to help you protect your furniture and move it safely from your home to the truck and into your new home. Moving personnel are also fully trained and experienced in professional moving techniques to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2. Keep an Eye on Weather Forecast

Your moving schedule will likely be set days or weeks in advance so it’ll be impossible to predict what kind of weather you’ll receive come moving day. Your moving company will call a day in advance, but if really bad weather is in the forecast for moving day, you may want to consider rescheduling.

3. Be Patient with Unexpected Bad Weather

If you wake up on moving day and see blizzard conditions that weren't forecasted don't be upset if your mover isn't at your door exactly on schedule. Remember that they have to deal with bad road conditions and congested traffic. Professional moving companies like Premiere Van Lines will notify you if there’s a major delay due to the weather, but do anticipate the possibility of minor delays, so don’t stress out.

4. Clear Driveway and Walkways

If there’s an accumulation of ice or snow that means your moving crew could slip or fall, which could result in a serious injury or damage to your belongings. Shovel and sprinkle de-icing salt over these surfaces. You should also plan to inspect your new property the day before your moving truck is expected to ensure these surfaces are clear.

5. Protect Your Carpet and Floors

If you are doing your own move you should take steps to cover your flooring with flattened cupboard boxes. Moving companies like Premiere will always come prepared with proper, non-slip, non-skid floor runners to protect your flooring from snow or dirt being tracked in from outside. These professional floor runners will provide maximum protection and are safer for everyone who walks on them.

6. Contact Utility Companies

Don't have the utilities disconnected until the day after you move out. Similarly make arrangements to have them connected at the new home before the truck arrives.

7. Set Thermostat at Lower Temperature

Since one or more door in your home will be open for extensive periods of time, it makes sense to turn the thermostat down from your normal temperature. Essentially, you want some heat, but want to avoid running the gas bill too high.

8. Protecting Your Furniture

Premiere van Lines always carefully wraps furniture items in clean moving pads before placing them on the truck. They also shrink wrap light-coloured upholstery items first and then wrap them in quilted moving pads. These steps are completed to protect your valuable belongings before moving them out to the truck.

9. Board Pets and Arrange Daycare

With a ton going on your moving day, the last thing you need is worry over your pets and children, so arrange for their care. If you decide to leave them in the house and limited to one room – keep in mind that the cold will come in and out and the lower temperature wouldn’t be very comfortable for them in any case.

10. Have Hot Drinks Available

Keep a coffee maker out and keep it going, or plan on making a few trips to the local Tim Hortons throughout the day. Your movers will be working hard in difficult conditions and will really appreciate a chance to warm up.

Moving in winter may not be ideal, however with the right moving company it’ll be a lot less stressful. For more information about moving in winter contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.

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