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How Technology has Made Moving Easier

How did we ever survive without technology including Google, email, texting or the internet? Given how busy individuals are today, we prefer to do things ourselves on our own schedule. No doubt technology has changed our lives.

These facts are true for moving as well. Technology has driven moving companies to find ways to be more efficient and productive as well. Moves are unique to because no two family’s needs are the same, so it’s important for movers to find ways to customize the moving experience. Companies like Premiere Van Lines assigns a certified moving consultant to carefully document each families’ requirements to ensure that everyone involved in the move are aware of what is expected.

Premiere accomplishes this task by having all their moving consultants use an iPad with specialized software when they come to your home to do a pre- move assessment and to prepare a cost estimate. By using this kind of technology Premiere ensures that no important detail gets missed. Their estimating software documents each item to be moved to ensure the accuracy of the weight/charges. It also guarantees that any special instructions are clearly defined. Copies of the documentation are sent electronically to all stakeholders to ensure instructions are followed exactly.

The Premiere moving consultant emails a copy of their detailed cost estimate to the moving customer along with a confirmation letter to ensure that all details have been captured. In addition, they can provide their customers with digital copies of any brochures or moving tip sheets to assist them in getting ready for their move.

Communication is key to a successful move. Premiere’s moving consultants and their operation’s personnel stay in touch with you via email or text (whichever you prefer) to keep you informed about scheduling or any requested changes. Premiere drivers carry cell phones with GPS so they can stay in touch with you. While it’s true that technology has made moving easier, it’s still made up of “men and machines”. That’s why it’s so important to choose your moving company carefully; one that employs trained, skilled moving crews and operate clean, modern and well- maintained equipment.

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Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were during our office move.  The movers were very professional, respectful and made sure that none of the office staff lifted any boxes whatsoever and were extremely accommodating.  We would highly recommend this company for future moves!!

Nicole from Calgary

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