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Using a move planner can greatly reduce the level of stress that is normally associated with moving. Families moving from Edmonton, Alberta (or other cities in Canada) should use a move planner to keep things on track. Most people don’t realize how complicated a move can be; especially if it is a long distance one. There are so many decisions to be made and tasks to be done. For some people it can be overwhelming.

This is where a moving company like Premiere Van Lines really shines. We don’t just provide a standard printed moving planner list. Instead we help you plan your move with personalized assistance from one of our experienced, certified moving consultants who will guide you through the process each step of the way. Our consultants will clearly explain what is involved at every stage of the move and will provide useful advice.

It is a good idea to contact a moving company like Premiere Van Lines six to eight weeks in advance of your preferred moving date. This will allow you sufficient time to decide exactly what possessions are being moved and to either sell, donate or discard excess items. Getting your moving cost estimate and reserving your moving truck and crew will go a long way towards a successful move.

Your moving consultant will help you coordinate a moving schedule that will ensure the “move out and move in” goes smoothly. One very useful tip is not to plan on moving into your new home on closing day. There can be unexpected delays with the closing which can result in extra costs if the moving truck and crew cannot unload your shipment.

Your Premiere moving consultant will provide you with service options that will meet your individual needs and your budget. If you are time deprived or have any physical limitations, you can choose to have us do a partial or complete pack of all of your possessions. On the other hand, if you choose to do your own packing then we can provide you with professional packing materials at a reasonable cost and a step by step packing guide.

Your Premiere moving consultant will also help you stay organized with one of our “week by week” countdown moving planners. Knowing what has to be done and when it should be done makes the move easier on you and your family. Some of the items that our moving planner guide will ensure that you remember to do include arranging:

  • for disconnection of utilities and get final readings for billing purposes
  • to have utilities connected at the new home
  • to obtain school records
  • to obtain medical and dental records
  • to obtain veterinarian records
  • to cancel regular home services (i.e. lawn, pool or other maintenance)
  • to cancel home deliveries (i.e. newspapers)
  • to redirect mail through post office (in person or online)
  • to notify banks, insurance companies etc about move
  • home insurance for new home
  • to return library books
  • to return any items borrowed from neighbours
  • for car service if driving to new long-distance location
  • for air or train travel if not driving
  • for hotel accommodations (if needed)
  • a good-bye party for children’s friends

As you can see there is usually a long list of items that must be attended to when you are moving. Having a company like Premiere Van Lines help plan your move will make the moving experience easier and less stressful. For more information call our Premiere Van Lines Edmonton Branch at 780-455-4502 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.

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From the packers, to the men who loaded our possessions onto the truck, and especially the driver, Curtis who was a superb leader of the crew, they did a first-rate job for us, and were right on time and never stopped working till the load was finished and on the van.  Thank you Clint for giving us such great service at such a reasonable cost – you more than met our needs and we are very appreciative.

Marilyn and Gord from Ottawa

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