Most Popular International Destinations for Canadians

Moving to an International location from Halifax can be a dream come true for many Canadians. Sometimes people confuse moving to the United States with moving internationally but a true International move is overseas as opposed to within North America. As such an International move requires the expertise of a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines with a dedicated international division due to the myriad of details to be attended to including customs documentation and the ability to arrange services in a foreign country. 

People usually move to an International location as part of their career building either as a job transfer with an existing employer or to take a new job with a new employer. Either way, a lot of the onus falls on the employer to obtain a legal work visa and to help the transition by arranging for language or cultural lessons if necessary. 

According to surveys the top international destinations for expat Canadians are:

  • Australia
  • Britain
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Austria

What several of these countries have in common is that English is a common language (especially in business), which makes integration into life in that country easier.  Another benefit is that most are strong business centres with an abundance of jobs, particularly in finance, IT or manufacturing. International experience is a great asset when building a career.  Regardless of which country you choose and whether it is an existing or a new job, there are a number of issues to be addressed. A professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines fully understands the intricacies of International moving and can guide you through the process.

For starters, Premiere’s moving consultant will help you determine exactly how much of your belongings that need to be shipped to stay within your allotted moving budget. They can arrange to store any items that you choose to leave in Canada on a short or long term basis. Your possessions will be safe in one of Premiere’s government approved, modern warehouses until you are ready to return to Canada, your consultant can also counsel you on any customs restrictions for the country you will be moving to. 

They will discuss with you the pros and cons of the various methods of international shipping. For most people, sea freight is the least expensive method. Premiere’s network of affiliates in countries around the globe can offer you the necessary destination services including completing the necessary customs documentation required to import your belongings into the country of choice and arranging for qualified marine insurance in the event of any damage. 

International moving is an exciting adventure and it is always made better through the assistance of a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines. For more information about an International move contact our Premiere Van Lines Halifax office at 1-902-468-4313 or Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.

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