Move Your Business Painlessly with Commercial Moving Services

Move Your Business Painlessly with Commercial Moving Services

Whether you are moving a small office suite or an entire building of offices, proper planning is essential. Minimizing downtime is a key factor when it comes to commercial moving.

Once senior management has approved the new location and contracts/leases have been signed, then the next step is to appoint an internal coordinator. This individual will act as your project manager to liaise with the interior designers, property management at both the old and new building, and of course with the moving company chosen for the relocation.

A comprehensive assessment of the new location is the first step towards planning the actual relocation. It should include:

  • The number of employees who have to be accommodated.
  • The size of your work space – is it larger or smaller than your old location?
  • Does it feature private offices, open work space or a combination of both?
  • Are there any special needs or amenities? For example, a conference room, reception area with seating, lunch room, and rest rooms.
  • IT and Telecom requirements.
  • Mechanical systems, including HVAC, elevators, and specialty electrical.
  • Security system information.

Most companies decide to work with an interior designer, but if necessary, this work can be done internally with some consultation with experts. A few of the items that need to be decided on are:

  • Which furniture items are being retained and will be relocated?
  • How will you dispose of discarded furniture – resale or straight disposal?
  • What new furniture or work stations need to be purchased?
  • What new IT (hardware/software) needs to be relocated or purchased/leased?
  • What renovations need to be completed at the new location?
  • When would the new location be ready for occupancy?

Once these decisions have been made, floor plans can be drawn up and the work can be started. Next on the agenda will be deciding on a company to handle your commercial moving needs. It is important to choose a company, who has the expertise and resources required to handle all of your specific requirements. You will want a firm, who will be able to work hand-in-hand with your internal project manager to ensure that the job stays on time and on budget.

Commercial moving requires a great deal of planning and coordination. Invite a few moving companies specializing in this type of work to come in to view the existing premises, so that they can get a good idea of the scope of work involved. Show them the floor plans for the new location and discuss whether they would be required to pick up any or all of the new furniture, or whether it would be delivered directly to the site. Advise them of any special requirements and ask for their recommendations on how best to meet your desired timelines. Ask them for a detailed quotation for the cost of the move, and request that they identify any areas that could be subject to a change in cost due to unforeseen circumstances. Also ask for references for projects similar in size to your relocation.

A truly professional company, who is experienced in commercial moving will take a systematic approach to ensure that the project is done in the most efficient and least disruptive way. Professionals will work efficiently so that your company can carry-on business in your normal fashion. They will assign an account manager, who will be responsible for preparing the quotation and determining what services will be required. This individual will be totally accountable to you for the outcome of the work. In addition, they will assign a project manager who will work closely with your internal project manager throughout the entire process. This person will closely supervise the service providers and any third party companies that are arranged through the mover to make sure that everyone is adhering to schedules and budgets that have been set.

The moving company you choose should:

  • Provide you (the client) with a list of your responsibilities, including items like booking elevators, loading docks, and communicating with property management companies at both locations.
  • Provide environmentally friendly moving bins for the packing of contents.
  • Assist you in developing a labelling system for furniture and contents.
  • Have professional packers to pack libraries, high density filing systems, valuable items like artwork and any other packing requirements (most companies ask their employees to pack the contents of their own desks since it is an opportunity to purge unwanted items).
  • Have certified and trained professionals who can dismantle, install and/or reconfigure work station systems.
  • Hold ongoing meetings/consultations at various stages to ensure everything is in order.
  • Make recommendations for third party service providers.
  • Coordinate installation schedules with outside service providers.
  • Have adequate supervisory personnel in place at both the move-out and move-in locations for maximum efficiency, and be able to solve any unexpected problems that may arise during the process.

The expression “the devil is in the details” definitely applies to commercial moving. Planning and ongoing coordination will ensure that your move will be done on time and on budget.

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The movers went beyond the scope of their job and paid special attention to details that I had pointed out on pieces of furniture and areas in my home.  I am proud to say that with Neil West and his crew, I will certainly refer Premiere Van Lines to friends, clients buying and selling and to employees in my company.  Thanks once again for all your help.

Shelly from Halifax

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