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Are you a moving rookie? Is this the first time you plan to hire a moving company rather than talk your friends into helping you move? If so, then the following moving advice may be just what you need to make sure your first real moving experience is a positive one.

Deciding What to Move

Before you move is the time to purge your home of unwanted items. Why pay to move them? If you are moving locally and are on a tight budget, you could consider having the moving company only move the larger pieces of furniture, appliances and other big items. However if it means renting a truck to move cartons and smaller items yourself, then the savings may not be enough to counter the extra work.

Getting Quotes

Get a recommendation from family, friends, co-workers or your realtor who have personal knowledge of a moving company’s capabilities. This is the best way to choose a mover. If that is not possible, then go to the Canadian Association of Movers website. Here you will be able to choose from reputable movers in your area who are members of this association. All CAM members are required to adhere to the association’s standards of service and code of ethics.

Unless you have a very small apartment or condo, you should only get quotes from movers who are willing to send a representative to your home and view all of the items to be moved. This will provide you with the most accurate quote. Moving consultants can also provide you with guidance and options that will allow you to stay within your budget. Reputable movers like Premiere Van Lines will always provide you with a detailed estimate of the moving charges including taxes.

Who Will Be Doing the Move

The quality of the personnel sent to perform the actual move can make or break a move. You want to be sure that the van operator and the crew sent to your home know how to safely handle your furniture and protect your home from any property damage. You also want them to be respectful and trustworthy. Premiere Van Lines requires all service personnel to undergo a criminal background check. In addition all packers, drivers and helpers receive comprehensive skills training under the guidance of our Quality in Motion program.

Packing Services

Proper packing is essential to ensure your valued possessions survive the move in mint condition. If you are trying to save money, you can do your own packing but it is always wise to consider having the movers pack your breakable items like fine china, crystal and collectibles. One reason why this moving advice is important is that most movers will not refund the cost of damaged items to owner packed items unless there is visible external damage to the carton. Be sure to ask the moving consultant if you can purchase professional grade packing materials from them for your self-packing. Premiere representatives will provide with professional packing tips.

Cargo Protection

Most homeowner insurance policies do not cover your damages during a move, particularly a long distance move. Before you meet with a moving company representative, contact your insurance broker and ask if your policy will cover you in these circumstances, and if there are restrictions. There may be an additional premium for a special rider if your homeowner insurer is willing to cover. Be sure to ask the moving consultant to clearly explain what options are available through their firm; again ask about any limitations or restrictions to the moving company’s coverage. You can purchase full replacement coverage from most reputable moving companies for a reasonable cost. Premiere Van Lines provides customers with a Transit Protection Certificate that clearly outlines the extent of coverage.

Delivery Schedule

If you are moving locally then delivery is usually the same day as the move out. If you are moving long distance however, then a “delivery window” will be assigned. The delivery window is based on the weight of your shipment and the distance between the origin and destination location. Be sure that the mover confirms this information in writing. Also, ask the mover if there will be any compensation if they do not deliver by the final date of the schedule.

As you can see by the moving advice offered here, moving is a process that involves a number of different steps. Being aware and being informed will go a long way towards making your decisions easier and your move less stressful.

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First, I would like to thank you and your team for the great work done over all the moving process.  Your guys did amazing work, we got all the information we need about our moving, we knew that you cared about us.  The loading day, everything went smoothly, the team was professional and took great care of our stuff!!  Thanks for all!!

Julie & Steve from Montreal

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