Moving from your Apartment to your First Home

Apartment dwellers in Edmonton who are planning to move to their first home often forget some things that need to be considered. When you live in an apartment you generally do not have to think about your heat, water or hydro. These charges are usually built into your rent unless you live in a unit that has separate meters. Arranging for your utilities is critical to getting comfortably into your new home. Having your meters read just before you take possession ensures you won’t end up paying more than you should. This is something obvious that should be attended to but there are other things to consider when moving from an apartment to your first house including:

  • Snow shovels, lawn mowers or other gardening tools like grass whips -when you move to a house from an apartment you are responsible for the outside as well as the inside. You will need the tools to shovel snow or cut grass
  • Window coverings -many apartments come with blinds or shades for continuity appearance. In a house you need to budget to purchase window coverings which can be expensive.
  • Furnace and air conditioning service- even if you had a home inspection done you will want to make sure your furnace and air conditioning is in working order. Depending on the season when you move in you may need to change filters.
  • Checking windows – keeping drafts out of your new home will ensure all the rooms in your new house are at a comfortable temperature. You may want to check to see if you need to caulk any of your windows. 
  • Furniture – the furniture from your apartment may not fill your new home. You will need to budget to purchase additional furniture including beds for spare rooms.

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Lovely move Clint.  The boys were angels.  Premiere really does take the stress out of moving!

Bonnie and Tim from Kentville

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