Shipping far Away? Our Intermodal Services Can Get it There

Regardless of whether you are shipping an entire household of furnishings, a few items, an automobile, commercial goods or any combination thereof, working with a transportation company with logistics experience and intermodal capabilities will make the process much easier.  A company like Premiere Van Lines has diversified divisions to handle any type of domestic or international shipping needs. Depending on your requirements, Premiere will develop a customized transportation solution for you. With our vast North American and international network of equipment, personnel and other resources we can get any item or commodity to any place on earth in a cost effective and efficient manner.

What Are Intermodal Services?

Simply stated, intermodal services means transportation by road, rail, air, or by sea. Not all shipping and moving companies have their necessary expertise to be a one-stop shop for each of these transportation methods. Determination of which method is best requires in-depth knowledge of how to prepare shipments for safe transport.

Premiere Van Lines is a company who can utilize the specialized services of its domestic, international or commercial divisions to provide customers with the right service at the right price.

Many Options at One Time

Depending on where your shipment originates and where it is destined to, it may require the use of more than one of these intermodal services. For example, shipments being sent overseas by ship or air may need to be moved over the road to the port where the ship will depart from for its sea voyage to destination.

Similarly, a shipment of a few items going to a destination within North America can either be sent on a domestic moving truck or can be skidded and shrink wrapped for furtherance by rail or on a commercial truck. Automobiles are routinely shipped by rail, as this is a convenient and cost effective method.

Interestingly shipments to Canada’s far north are generally sent on an over-the-road domestic moving truck to either Edmonton or Ottawa where they are then containerized and shipped by air into places like Nunavut. Some remote locations in Canada even require the use of barges to get to their final destination.

As you can see there are many intermodal transportation choices and only the most experienced transportation companies are able to handle each one.

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From the packers, to the men who loaded our possessions onto the truck, and especially the driver, Curtis who was a superb leader of the crew, they did a first-rate job for us, and were right on time and never stopped working till the load was finished and on the van.  Thank you Clint for giving us such great service at such a reasonable cost – you more than met our needs and we are very appreciative.

Marilyn and Gord from Ottawa

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