Specialized Services You May Not Know About

Families on the move in Edmonton (or other cities across Canada) will be happy to know that choosing a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines means a “one stop shop” moving experience. Just think of how much easier it would be if you could depend on one company to handle all your moving related chores.

If a lack of time or a physical reason prevents you from doing some of the things normally associated with moving, you can take comfort in knowing that your professional moving company can take care of anything and everything you cannot or do not want to do for yourself.  Some of these specialized services you may not be aware of include:

Furniture Distribution or Disposal

Disposing of unwanted furniture, collectibles and other things is an important step before moving. Some items can be given to family or friends. In this instance your moving company can arrange to pick up those items and deliver them to the intended recipient regardless of whether they are in the same city, province or completely across the country. The same thing is true if you have items to be delivered to an auction house or reseller. Donations to charitable organizations can also be collected and delivered. Even if you have damaged goods that need to be taken to the local disposal centre this is something that your moving company can do for you. To keep costs under control, work closely with your moving consultant to work out a schedule for these pickups and deliveries.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing is one of the most time consuming and physically demanding part of moving. If you are in the market for a comprehensive service, this is something companies like Premiere Van Lines excels at. They will send a team of experienced packers to pack up your entire household so that everything you move arrives at destination damage free. They will carefully pack in professional quality materials and label each carton so that it is placed in the proper room. Your moving company can unpack all your agency packed cartons and place the items in a location that will make it easier for you to put those items away. If desired, your moving company can offer a “valet service” to put all of your packed goods away and even wash dishes before they are placed in cupboards. Regardless of the level of unpacking service chosen, your moving company will remove all used cartons and other debris.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Certain furniture items, especially larger or antique items should be disassembled before being placed on a truck. These same items will have to be reassembled. Since most people do not have the expertise or the tools necessary for this job, it’s good to know that your moving company will handle this task as part of the move. Arrangements can also be made for items like sheds, swing sets, outdoor playground toys etc.

Auto Transportation, Boats or RV

Getting one or more of your automobiles to destination can be a pain for most people. This is another area that your moving company can assist you with. They can put the car(s) on the van with your furniture. Alternatively, they can ship by train or by over the road via auto transport. Your moving company can also handle the moving of boats regardless of size. They also have the necessary contacts for companies that specialize in the moving of RVs.

Pet Transportation

The family isn’t the only ones who need to be moved. If you are moving long distance then it is important to remember that the dog, cat or other pet needs to get to the destination. Your moving company will happily make the arrangements for delivery to and pickup from the airport, crates and air transport. They can even handle larger animals like horses through their network of contacts.

As you can see, virtually any service is available through your moving company. For more information contact your Edmonton office at 780-455-4502 or your local Premiere Van Lines office at 1-877-671-6683.

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