Tipping Movers and other Moving Etiquette Rules

To paraphrase the famous quote,” tip or not to tip, that is the question”. Many people are not sure if they should tip the crew who has been hired to move them from one residence to another. Initially you might feel that since you are already paying an hourly rate or a charge per hundred pounds, tipping is not necessary.

However when you stop to think about it, moving is a personal service that requires a lot of effort on the part of the people actually doing the job. The rate being paid to the moving company has to cover their overhead costs including the use of the vehicle, fuel, insurance and of course labour costs for the van operator and the crew. This means that the people doing the physical move only receive a small portion of the overall cost of the move. That being said, tipping while not expected is definitely appreciated by the crew on your move. Professional moving companies like Premiere Van Lines spend a lot of time, money and effort in properly training the people they hire. Not only are they taught the correct way to prepare and safely move furniture they are schooled in the art of customer service.

Tipping should generally be reserved for good service. If the crew handling your mood are pleasant and respectful of you and your possessions, are efficient and cooperative to requests and generally make the process easier on you and your family then a tip at the end of the move would be a great way to express your appreciation.

You can choose to give the tip to the van operator to be divided up or you can give cash directly to each member of the crew. There is no hard and fast rule as to the amount of the tip but use the size of your move as a guideline. A larger move would obviously merit a larger tip. Regardless of the amount of the tip, the fact that you are personally recognizing the crew’s efforts is like a big pat on the back to the people who put in a good day’s work.

Moving furniture is hard work and is often performed in less than ideal conditions. The job has to be done even in freezing weather in the winter and sweltering humid temperatures in the summer. As the customer you can almost guarantee a higher level of service when you extend some basic courtesy to the crew assigned to your move. Coffee or bottled water is always appreciated and if you want to go a bit and beyond, offering to pick up light snacks or even lunch will go a long way.  

Remember treating the movers like people doing a tough job instead of viewing them simply as hired help will always result in an increased level of service. For more information about moving and a free no obligation estimate contact Premiere Van Lines.

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Great bunch of guys! Move was perfect. They were quick,helpful and courteous. We appreciated their advice and teaching me how to pack a box properly.

Ann from Calgary

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