Tips for Protecting a Vacant Home After You move

Families in Halifax (or other cities in Canada) who are moving out of their home before the new owners move may not take the time to truly think through the ramifications of leaving their home vacant for days, weeks or even months. Given the number of news reports about break-ins or vandalism in this case, people have good reason to worry. Obviously there are a number of practical steps you can take to protect your home. Here are a few tips:

1. Lock All Windows and Doors

Make sure all windows and doors are securely locked including basement windows. You may even want to secure sliding patio doors with an extra stick in the bottom track to make it even more difficult to break in. 

2. Leave a Key with a Family Member or Neighbour

It is wise to have someone who can periodically enter the premises to make sure nothing has been disturbed.

3. Install Exterior Motion Detectors

Someone will ill intent is less likely to try to break in to your home if a bright light comes on when they try lurking around your property. This will alert neighbours who know that no one is living in the house.

4. Install Interior Lights on a Timer

Have random lights come on at appropriate times during the evening when people would normally be in the home.

5. Don’t Cancel Your Alarm Company

Keep your alarm contract in place and have the alarm sign posted in a conspicuous place. If you have one of the newer app based systems ‘ring”make a point of checking it on your phone or computer on a regular basis.

6. Have a Car in the Driveway

Leave a vehicle parked in the driveway or have a neighbour park their vehicle on your property.

7. Arrange for Lawn Service and Snow Shovelling

It is important that your property remains in good condition. A place with overgrown grass is an overt sign that it is a vacant property.

8. Arrange for Vacant Property Insurance

Contact your insurance broker and discuss purchasing this kind of insurance. Make sure you understand what you will be covered for especially as it relates to vandalism. 

9. Be careful on Social Media

Posting too much information on Facebook or other social media can be a calling card for potential burglars. It is a well known fact that people of this will troll the internet searching for this kind of opportunity. The same kind of thing can apply with vacations which alert crooks that you are away and the house is empty.

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