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The words “van lines” can be confusing to some consumers when they are searching for a moving company. The term usually refers to an umbrella organization made up of a number of independently owned moving companies who work together to provide moving services in towns and cities all across North America.

These companies are known as “agents” for their van line. The agents provide the physical moving services and resources including:

  • Moving consultants or salespeople
  • Packers and unpackers
  • Van operators or drivers
  • Loading and unloading crews
  • Moving vans of various sizes
  • Warehouses for short and long term storage

In return, the van line company provides the “back-room” services, including:

  • Centralized dispatch to maximize the efficiency of loads
  • Training and quality control programs
  • Brand marketing assistance
  • Centralized customer service
  • Centralized purchasing
  • IT services
  • A wide range of administrative functions.

Unfortunately, there are a number of sub-standard companies who have tacked on the words “van lines” to their name. Sometimes they are a single location moving company with limited resources. Even worse, they can be rogue movers who do not even own a moving van. Instead, they pose as a van line and simply act as a broker with no accountability for the services provided. Don’t be fooled by a slick web site. Do your due diligence before choosing a mover. The Canadian Association of Movers does its best to protect consumers from being taken advantage of by this type of company.

The strength of a real van line is dependent on the number and quality of the agents it has representing it. One of the largest van lines in North America is Atlas Van Lines, with nearly 150 agents in Canada and another 400 in the United States. Atlas has earned a stellar reputation over its 57 years of serving the moving needs of families on both sides of the border.

Atlas moving agents must meet the most stringent standards order to be accepted as part of this van line. Atlas’ exclusive Quality in Motion program monitors and measures an Atlas moving agent’s performance on each and every step of the moving process. Quality ratings are assigned on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. If an agent falls below the acceptable standard in any area, then immediate steps are taken to re-train or rectify the problem. Continuous issues result in the loss of the van line affiliation for the Atlas moving agent.

In today’s security conscious world, Atlas saw the need to do comprehensive, criminal background checks on all personnel who have access to their customers’ homes. This program is called ‘No Stranger in Your Home’, and was the first of its kind in Canada. Today, the company has more than 3500 people who have passed the Back Check process and who wear photo identification badges when they arrive at a customer’s home on behalf of the Atlas moving agent hired for the move.

In the unlikely event that any problems arise with an Atlas moving agent, you as the consumer can rest easy knowing that the van line is there to help resolve any issues to your satisfaction. Think of it like a ‘Service Guarantee’! Their customer service department can be contacted to act as an intermediary to handle any area where the service did not meet your expectations.

An Atlas moving agent knows how beneficial it is to be part of a prestigious van line, and therefore will do their utmost to provide you with the most professional moving services possible. This attitude is in direct contrast to non van line affiliated moving companies who do not have to answer to a higher authority should their services be less than acceptable to a customer.

If you are interested in a ‘Double Service Guarantee’, you may want to consider choosing a moving company that is like a van-line within a van line, such as companies who have their own multi-branch  network. These branches or franchises also have a corporate office that oversees the quality of services provided by each moving company in their system. So in other words, the individual moving company must maintain the standards set by both of their van line corporate entities. This is a win-win for the consumer!

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Staff were friendly and professional. Hard, heavy work but didn't seem to be an issue for them, they used the proper equipment and had the job finished in record time. Thanks for the great service.

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