Vancouver Moving and Storage: How to Make Your Move Easier

Vancouver is a very mobile city with thousands of families moving each year. Some of them move locally to other homes in the Greater Vancouver area. Others move to locales within this beautiful province and quite a number of people relocate to other cities in Canada or to another country. Regardless of your destination, Premiere Van Lines is the ideal choice to make your move easier and less stressful. With our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can be confident that we will exceed your expectations.

Anyone who has ever done a “DIY” move knows what a difficult job it is to organize and execute a move. Trying to find family or friends to help load and unload a truck is no easy task. Between busy schedules and the fear of getting injured, most people are reluctant to volunteer to be part of a moving crew. Couple this complication with having to drive a rental truck that may be in poor mechanical condition and you can easily understand why it is preferable to hire a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines to handle your Vancouver area move.

From your first contact with a Premiere Van Lines’ representative, you will quickly realize that putting your Vancouver move into the hands of a very professional mover is the right decision. Premiere Van Lines will send one of their certified moving consultants to meet with you in your home. During this visit, your personal moving consultant will do a comprehensive survey of what needs to be moved and then will take the time to discuss all of your needs so that a customized moving plan can be developed. Your consultant will present a variety of service options that will meet your requirements and stay within your moving budget.

Following this in-home visit, your Premiere moving consultant will provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your moved based on the services you have chosen. A confirmation letter will also be provided that will confirm the schedule for moving agent packing (if chosen); loading and delivery. Any special agreements will also be detailed. Nothing will be left to chance. Your Premiere Van Lines move will be completed as promised.

There are numerous advantages to choosing Premiere Vancouver for your upcoming move including:

1. Full Pack Services

Depending on your needs and available budget, Premiere can assist with the packing of your possessions. A full pack service is ideal for anyone who is pressed for time or who may have difficulty with all of the physical work involved in packing tens to hundreds of cartons. Unpacking service or even a valet put-away service is another service option.

2. Partial Pack Services

The packing of china, crystal and other breakable or fragile items is best left to the professionals. Having Premiere pack just these type of items is a good option. For the other items, Premiere can sell you professional quality packing materials at a reasonable price. Unpacking service of agent packed cartons is available if needed.

3. Self Packing

If you choose to do all your own packing, then Premiere can provide you with the proper packing materials cost effectively and will provide you with a copy of our professional packing guide so that your items are properly packed for your move.

4. Mattress Protection

Premiere Van Lines will ensure that your mattresses and foundations are kept clean and sanitary through our use of heavy duty, manufacturer type mattress bags. Bags are available in all sizes to match your individual bed sizes.

5. Wardrobe Cartons

Premiere Van Lines can provide professional, heavy duty wardrobe containers that can be used for clothing on hangers to keep your clothes wrinkle-free during a move. On local moves these cartons can be rented for a small fee. If you prefer, they can be purchased for a reasonable cost. They are also ideal for storing out of season coats or other items.

6. Appliance Disconnection/Reconnection

Certain appliances require servicing before they are moved, especially if you are moving long distance. Premiere can make the arrangements for you with one of our certified pre-vetted appliance service technicians at our special corporate rate. This way the work is guaranteed and you will save money.

7. Automobile/Boat Transit

If you are moving long distance and will be flying to your destination Premiere can handle moving your automobile(s). Service options include on-the-van with your furniture; via rail or via over the road car carrier. Premiere can also arrange for the transportation of boats, travel trailers or other large recreational items.

8. Pet Transportation

Again, if you are moving long distance and have family pets that need to be relocated, Premiere can handle all of the necessary arrangements.

9. Storage

If your new home is not ready when you move, Premiere can provide short or long term storage at one of our modern, government approved warehouses. All of our facilities across Canada are clean and pest controlled with fire protection and alarm systems. Your possessions will be stored in clean wooden vaults and large upholstered furniture will be shrink wrapped and stored on proper racks.

10. Full Replacement Cargo Protection Plan

Many home insurance policies do not cover your possessions during a move. Premiere can provide you will a full replacement cargo protection plan that is very comprehensive and is available at a reasonable cost.

As you can see, using Premiere Van Lines for your Vancouver area move will make your life easier. As a true full service moving company we can handle all your moving needs. For more information contact our Premiere Vancouver office at 604-530-2241 or for cities outside of Vancouver contact 1-877-671-6683.

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Excellent service. Guys were efficient and re-assuring. Best move ever.

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