What Custom Packaging Options are Available for Your Move?

When you are moving, especially long distance, it is extremely important to properly package non furniture items for transport. A professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines can offer you a range of packaging options, and a moving consultant will work with you to design a customized packaging option to fit your needs and budget.

Professional Packers

If your budget permits the best packaging option is the full service one whereby the moving company’s professional packers do all of the work for you. A team of experienced professional packers can pack up an entire house in a single day as opposed to you spending several days or more trying to do this very difficult task on your own. However, if you are planning to do your own packing it is wise to consider having the moving company at least package your very fragile, breakable and valuable items. It is imperative to use packaging materials specifically designed for these items to ensure that there will be no breakage during transit. A custom packaging option of a partial pack is a worthwhile investment.

Packing Items Yourself

If you are determined to do all of your own packing, you should make sure that you purchase the proper types of packing materials in order to fully protect your possessions. You can buy them from the moving company or a moving supply store. Your moving consultant can also provide you with a how to packing guide that outlines professional packing techniques.

Using the right materials will go a long way towards making sure that your possessions arrive at your new home in their original condition. Here are a few of the customized packaging material options that you should use to achieve this objective.

China Carton – Purchasing a professional grade china carton from your mover will ensure that your china, crystal, glassware, collectibles and other fragile items are fully protected during the move. This type of carton is designed specifically for these types of items. It is a triple walled, heavy duty carton that will not buckle even when stacked on the truck, and offers the maximum protection for breakable items.

Figurine Carton – If you have a collection of valuable figurines using a specialized figurine carton will offer extra protection. Usually the figurine carton will then be placed either in a china carton or other larger box.

Mirror/Picture Cartons – There are two sizes of these cartons available from your moving company. They are constructed of heavy duty cardboard that telescopes to accommodate the size of the item being packaged. These are ideal for large mirrors, pictures or glass fronted paintings, glass tabletops etc.

Television Box – Unless you have retained the original carton that your flat screen TV came in, then you should always package your television for transit. There are three sizes available that will accommodate up to a maximum of 55-inch flat screen televisions.

Wardrobe Cartons – These heavy duty cartons with a hanging bar are ideal for clothing from your closet. Suits, coats, evening dresses and other clothing items will arrive at your new home unwrinkled and ready to be hung in your closet. You should retain these cartons to use for out-of-season clothing storage.

Making use of these custom service packaging options and/or materials will ensure that your possessions will be moved safely. For more information about packaging options contact your local Premiere Van Lines’ office today!

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