What Good Moving Company Insurance Means for You

Do you know anyone who has experienced near or total loss of their home through a fire? It is one of the most devastating things that could happen to a family. Having a comprehensive insurance policy with adequate coverage makes it possible to rebuild and replace everything that was lost.

When you move from one city, province or country to another, you are entrusting all of your personal belongings to the moving company. Basically everything you own that you use on a daily basis is on that truck. What would happen to your quality of life if the moving truck was involved in an accident while it was driving across our country? Severe winter weather and fog are often the cause of multi-car pileups which are deadly for large trucks. As awful as it is to contemplate accidents do happen each and every day.

Situations like the one described are rare but they can happen. This is one major reason why you need full replacement moving company insurance when you move. Rarely will your homeowner’s policy cover you in these circumstances. When you move, you want to be certain that all of your belongings will be fully protected and in the event of damage or loss, the moving company will repair or replace anything and everything that gets damaged. Having proper full replacement moving company insurance is also important for lesser claims.

No one likes to think about loss or damage but when you are moving you should be concerned about how the moving company you choose will handle things in the event that there is an occurrence. When you are interviewing prospective moving companies, their moving representative should include information about this important subject when they are explaining the moving process. If they don’t even touch on it during their sales presentation, be sure to ask them about their company’s procedures and policies. The explanation should include information about how to file a claim and the general length of time to get a claim finalized.

A professional moving company will have no problem discussing what insurance coverage they have in place. If necessary, they can provide you with a copy of their vehicle liability and cargo liability moving insurance policy. They will also provide you with a Transit Protection Certificate that clearly outlines what is covered and itemizes any restrictions. It will be written in layman’s language so you can fully understand the moving company insurance that will be in place on your move. If they are a member of a national van line, normally claims can be filed on-line or in writing with that organization. Companies like Premiere Van Lines with their own branches in a number of cities across the country will provide you with a destination contact who will assist you in resolving any claims. Also as an agent for Atlas Van Lines, we have access to peer agents in any city where there is not a Premiere branch who will be assigned as your destination agent.

Poor claims handling practices is one of the biggest areas of complaints about movers. When choosing a mover, be very wary of those unaffiliated moving companies you find on the internet who do not have their own trucks but who instead farm out your move to another company. These type of companies do not take any responsibility for any damages or complaints. You can find yourself getting very frustrated if the time comes to file a complaint. Make sure the moving company you are dealing with has proper procedures in place and who are not reluctant to discuss this aspect of moving.

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I was impressed by the quality and work ethic of the men who delivered both of our moves.  The “foreman” Tommy and Mark did all they could to make the moves easy and problem free.  It wasn’t run-of-the-mill to them.  It is appreciated!

Colleen from Winnipeg

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