Why Combine Your Moving and Storage Services

Congratulations, you have a great offer for your house but the purchaser wants a quick closing. Do you take it even though you haven’t found a new home yet, or the one you want is still under construction? Rather than pass up on the deal, you decide that storing your furniture for a short time makes the most sense. This decision means you need to be extra diligent when choosing a moving company to handle your relocation.

Rogue “Movers”

As an educated consumer you already understand the dangers of choosing what the Canadian Association of Movers refers to as “rogue movers”. Many of these companies are not actually movers, they typically don’t even own trucks or warehouses. These companies simply act as an in-between party for you, and a company they hire on their own behalf. This means they aren’t accountable for any problems that can arise during the move, including: over-charging, late or even non delivery of your belongings, claims for lost or damaged items, or claims for damages that occur when goods are stored in non-standard facilities.

Proper Storage Facilities

It is extra important to choose a moving company that has proper warehousing facilities when storing your possessions. If you stop to think about how much money you have invested in your furniture, household possessions, clothing, and other items, you will want to protect them from being stored in a sub-standard facility. You don’t want all of your belongings stacked and scattered about in a dirty unsecure building, a barn or a similar location.

If you want to make sure that your possessions will be properly cared for while they are stored, then moving and storage should go hand-in-hand. This is particularly crucial when you are moving long distance. Companies like Premiere Van Lines who have branches in cities across Canada are your best choice. Each location is subject to rigorous standards set by the Government of Canada to be considered approved moving and storage facilities. By choosing Premiere Van Lines you can be assured that your belongings will be delivered to you when you are ready for them, and that they will be in the same condition they were in when they were moved out of your home.

Visit the Warehouse

If it is convenient for you, it is recommended that you take the time to visit the storage warehouse where your possessions will be kept. This way you can see first-hand that the facility meets your expectations for cleanliness and orderly storage practices. If the moving company refuses to allow you to visit their storage location this could be a red flag, and tells you that this may not be the best choice for your valuable belongings.

If you visit a Premiere Van Lines climate controlled warehouse, you’ll see that items are not stored in the open. Instead they are stored in clean, wooden pallets that are carefully positioned, numbered and marked with customer names and other pertinent details. Upholstered furniture is stretch wrapped in clear plastic and placed on proper sofa racks; area rugs are rolled and placed in rug tubes; oversized pieces that will not fit into pallets are carefully wrapped in moving blankets and stored appropriately. Proper identification records are maintained for easy access and to ensure nothing goes astray during the storage period. Premiere warehouses have proper pest-control, fire-protection and alarm systems.

Continuity of Care

Another good reason for using the same company for your moving and storage needs is the continuity of care in the event that there is any loss or damage issues. If you have the mover deliver your goods to a secondary storage facility, then their liability ends when the items are off-loaded. However when you use Premiere Van Line’s storage facility, each item is carefully inspected when it arrives at the warehouse and a note is made of any damage or impact the item may have received in transportation. This practice provides a comprehensive record for liability purposes. When your items are delivered to your new home, Premiere Van Lines will handle the claim for you and would take responsibility for any loss or damage.

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Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were during our office move.  The movers were very professional, respectful and made sure that none of the office staff lifted any boxes whatsoever and were extremely accommodating.  We would highly recommend this company for future moves!!

Nicole from Calgary

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