Why You Need House Movers for your Long Weekend Move

Everyone is so busy these days, and between work and family demands there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day or days in the week. Trying to fit a move into your life can be really challenging, as many employers don’t want you to be taking time off during the work week for not immediately urgent events; this is why choosing a long weekend for your move can be a good alternative.

If you have ever moved yourself, you probably already know that rarely does a self-move go smoothly. There are always unexpected challenges like friends who were to help you move not showing up; or the rental truck you booked not being in proper mechanical condition when you go to pick it up.

The Challenges of a Long Weekend Move

Moving on a long weekend can add to the challenges simply because most of the world is in holiday mode which means more traffic on the roads or even road closures due to street festivals or construction. Many cities schedule critical construction projects for a long weekend and unless you are paying attention to the news you may find the route you planned to take is not accessible.

If you are renting a truck and there is a problem, it can be difficult to get things resolved on holidays when no one works. Typically, even management staff are not available so you can’t even properly discuss the situation with a high ranking employee until the long weekend is over. Unfortunately, this situation arises far too often according to consumer watchdogs, and when it happens to you, it can be a very frustrating experience.

How We Can Help

If you want a smooth, problem free move that ensures you are comfortably settled by the end of the long weekend, then the best idea is to hire professional house movers to do the job for you. Companies like Premiere Van Lines move families every day, and have an extensive fleet of well maintained, modern trucks so there is never any chance that the truck you need not being available on moving day. Similarly, they have pre-scheduled crews of experienced drivers and helpers who are competent and efficient.

A moving company like Premiere has an appropriate number of staff members on duty over a long weekend so that if there any problems they will be resolved in a timely manner. The dispatch personnel check in advance to determine what routes are available over the weekend and plan for alternates if necessary. This saves time for the driver, which means your move will be completed more quickly.

When the Premiere Van Lines crew arrives at your home, they will use clean floor runners to protect your floors and carpets. This means less cleanup for you before you turn the house over to the new owner. Their expertise with moving all types of furniture will ensure that no damage is done to your walls or other parts of your home at either end of the move. All of your light-coloured, upholstered items will be stretch wrapped for extra protection before being wrapped in clean, quilted moving pads, and all furniture items will be padded before being placed on the truck.

Professional movers will be able to load and unload the truck much faster than you could if you were doing it yourself. As well, everything will be properly positioned on the truck so that it doesn’t shift in transit, thus preventing damage to your valuable furniture and other belongings.

By getting the move completed more quickly by professional house movers like Premiere, you will have the luxury of extra time to get fully settled in your new home by the end of the long weekend. For more information and a free, no obligation cost estimate contact your local Premiere Van Lines’ office.

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The movers went beyond the scope of their job and paid special attention to details that I had pointed out on pieces of furniture and areas in my home.  I am proud to say that with Neil West and his crew, I will certainly refer Premiere Van Lines to friends, clients buying and selling and to employees in my company.  Thanks once again for all your help.

Shelly from Halifax

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