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The Art of Moving®

Trusting other people to carefully handle all of your worldly possessions, memories or your company's property is a big decision. At Premiere Van Lines, The Art of Moving® is about earning your trust by delivering a higher level of service and the reassurance that your property is safe and sound with us.

With over 1000 employees in key markets across the country, Premiere Van lines is one of Canada’s most diversified and experienced moving companies. And as an Atlas Agent, we guarantee best practices, worldwide from start to finish from our independently owned and operated locations.

In 50 years, we’ve moved just about everything, just about everywhere you can imagine. And over those 50 years, we’ve continued to raise the bar in the moving industry. We’re committed to ensuring your move is a masterpiece.

Residential moving

Whether you're moving around town, across North America or internationally, Premiere will get you there. It’s that simple really. We sweat the details, even the smallest ones to make sure the possessions and memories you’ve entrusted to us arrive when we promise in the same condition they were when they started their journey, no matter how far they travel.

Commercial moving

We know time is money. Whether we're conducting an office move, furniture installation, shipping your freight or managing your company's home delivery service, our experienced team has only one thing on their mind...doing what’s best for your business quickly, efficiently and professionally.


Sometimes you’ve got more stuff than space, or you need to move out before it’s time to move in. Either way, Premiere can help keep your personal and corporate belongings safe and secure in our fully monitored and temperature controlled storage facilities. At our facilities, we’ll take care of your possessions as carefully as you do.

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Atlas. A trusted name in Moving

As an Atlas agent, Premiere is dedicated to doing our utmost to exceed your service expectations by adhering to the Atlas Quality in Motion program. It's the first program of its kind in the Canadian moving industry. Quality in Motion is a shining example of how Atlas sets the policies and high standards mover agents, like us, deliver to customers like you, every day. Whether you are moving across Canada, to or from the United States or overseas, Premiere must meet Atlas' stringent standards to ensure consistent quality service and a high degree of accountability to you.

Atlas Canada is the mover of choice for thousands of people who move long distance each year. Since 1963, Atlas has been providing their customers with stress free moving experiences through their quality service and ethical business practices.

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Quality in motion

Atlas Canada is the first van line in Canada to put a quality program in place that requires their moving consultants and agent moving companies to perform mandatory actions on each move. Atlas Canada's Quality in Motion program is comprised of three pillars: Wisdom, Strength and Reward.

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Global reach

Atlas World Group is one of the most highly respected companies in the world. It has nearly a billion dollars in annual income, a wealth of experience and a reputation for delivering the best. As a subsidiary of Atlas World Group, Atlas Canada is part of this global organization. Today, the company has ten subsidiaries, each specializing in its own unique business sector. With Premiere, Atlas Canada and Atlas World Group working for you, there’s no place you can’t go.

Moving Tips & Advice

Helpful tips to mastering The Art of Moving®

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Moving is a great time to dispose of things you no longer want or use. Not only will it make the moving process easier with fewer things to move, but also it will give you a clutter-free head start...