12 Items to Keep Handy for Your First Night in Your New Home

People moving out of Truro (or another city) should think ahead to move in day. For most people moving day is a long and stressful day and the last thing you need is to have to make a store run to purchase some basic supplies. Think about it, the moving truck has left and unless you have prearranged for an unpacking service from your mover, you and the family are faced with room after room of stacked boxes. Where to start. Most people are too tired to tackle setting up your new home. All they want is some food and to go to bed in order to be fresh the following day.

The following are some things that you might need for that first night in your new home. These items should have been pre-packed in a “last on first off” box.

  1. Sheets, blankets and pillow slips for each bed
  2. Towels and wash cloths
  3. Soap
  4. Toothpaste and tooth brushes
  5. Light bulbs
  6. Toilet paper
  7. Kleenex
  8. Paper plates and plastic utensils and glasses
  9. Cleaning supplies for day 2
  10. Change of clothing for day 2
  11. Cupboard liners for day 2
  12. Cell phone to order food to be delivered

Having some basic supplies on hand will make your first night more comfortable so you can get some rest and be ready to start unpacking and setting up your new home the following day. For more information and advice about planning your upcoming move contact our Premiere Van Lines Truro office at 902-893-7193 or contact Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.

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Great bunch of guys! Move was perfect. They were quick,helpful and courteous. We appreciated their advice and teaching me how to pack a box properly.

Ann from Calgary

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