13 Tips for a Moving Sale

Most people in Fredericton (or another city in Canada) understand that the best way to control moving costs is to reduce the quantity of goods to be moved. If you are moving locally reducing the number of hours required to load and unload your belongings helps to reduce overall moving costs. On the other hand, if you are moving long distance your moving charges are predicated on the total net weight of the items being moved. So it is easy to see that moving is the ideal opportunity to declutter your household. 

The first steps require you to survey your home and determine what you don’t need to move. You should begin by separating your belongings into categories:

  1. Items that are still useful but that you no longer need that can be sold at a moving sale
  2. Items that you wish to donate to a charity
  3. Items that are broken or beyond repair that should be disposed of 

Planning a moving sale takes some organization to make it successful. Start by assembling the items you want to sell. Some tips that will help you plan your moving sale are:

  1. Advertise your sale effectively. Most community newspapers have an online section for moving sales. Make signs or posters to put up on hydro poles or at supermarkets around the neighbourhood. Use colour to make your signs stand out.
  2. Consider weather when choosing a date for a sale. Normally spring or fall are ideal.
  3. Plan to start early. There are a lot of people who regularly go to moving sales and they plan to start no later than 9 am. 
  4. Make your sale location as attractive as possible.  Rent tables to lay items out on. The less jumbled moving sales will yield better prices, if you are selling clothing also consider renting clothing racks so you can hang items. Attach a tag to sleeve with the size marked.
  5. Divide your items into “like categories” (housewares with other housewares).
  6. Engage family members to help & assign someone to handle cash box.
  7. Have lots of change on hand including loonies, toonies and small bills.
  8. Price larger more expensive items in advance but be prepared to bargain if necessary.
  9. If you are selling any appliances, run an extension cord from house or outside outlet so buyers can verify items work.
  10. Consider putting books, dvds or records upright in boxes so people can easily view what is available. 
  11. Make extra signage if you are selling some items in bulk I.e. 5 DVD’s for $5.00
  12. Make sure toys are clean and not broken, especially stuffed animals.
  13. Donate any unsold items to an appropriate charity. 

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