Often referred to as “Texas North”, Calgary has the vibrancy and swagger of its Southern cousin. Families moving to Calgary will quickly come to understand that they are moving to a unique city. 

Calgary is a city of energy and optimism. Even in down times, Calgary never gives up…its mayor Naheed Nenshi is the city’s biggest booster. He is actively promoting his city and doing his best to diversify the Calgary economy.

If you are considering moving to Calgary here are some things to know about this great Canadian city:

  1. Calgary was voted as the best place to work by the Globe and Mail
  2. Calgary is the epicentre of the energy industry with a growing green energy economy 
  3. Housing in Calgary is more affordable than Toronto
  4. The Calgary city tour is led by passionate local guides who speak multiple languages
  5. The Calgary Stampede is the largest outdoor event in Canada and takes place every July
  6. Calgary is known as a very family- oriented city
  7. Calgary’s lifestyle promotes outdoor activity through its proximity to nature including mountains and lakes where swimming, biking, hiking, skiing and other leisure activities are prevalent
  8. There is no provincial sales tax in Alberta which makes life more affordable
  9. Calgary is one of Canada’s cleanest cities with strong recycling programs
  10. Calgary receives an average of 2,600 hours of sun per year which makes it the sunniest city in Canada
  11. Calgary has a young, urban population with an average age of 36
  12. Calgary’s dry climate and Chinook winds makes winter more pleasant
  13. Calgary has a wide selection of theatre venues and cultural opportunities
  14. Calgary has a strong professional sports scene
  15. Calgary has extensive recreational sports opportunities for children including hockey, soccer etc.

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