2018 Atlas Canada National Awards Announced

During the 2018 Atlas Canada Fall Conference which took place at Hotel X, Atlas Canada was pleased to announce the National Award Receipients of 2018.

Every year Atlas Canada honors its Agents for their achievements in the areas of customer service, quality and sales.

Individual Sales Achievement Awards:

2018 Agent Sales Awards: 

Platinum Customer Service: 

Agents Eastern Quality Awards: Premiere Van Lines Moncton

Professional Moving Consultants Eastern Regional Quality Awards: Derick LeFloch, Premiere Van Lines Fredericton

Lead Manager Award for Highest Booking Ratio: Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg 

Congratulations to all the Award Winners and thank you for your professionalism and hard work. Your dedication shows that we, at Premiere always strive for excellence!

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I certainly do well when I mention the Premiere Staging package – first time – and the property sold in eight days – the second property in one day!  Thanks again for going the extra mile – once again, to help me serve my clients to a Premiere standard!

Anna-Lisa Jones from Edmonton

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