If a move is in your future, you might be deciding if you should hire a professional moving company, or if you can do the job on your own. Whether you live in Sydney, Nova Scotia or another city in Canada, taking the DIY route could save you some money, but it might not be the best route for lowering stress or moving a lot of possessions securely.

To make the most cost-effective and beneficial choice, here are some questions and top professional moving advantages to consider:

1. Who Will Help You Move?

Moving is a lot of hard work, so as you look to friends and family for help, remember that many of them might have time commitments like hockey and soccer practices on the weekends and long work days during the week day. Not only can it be harder to schedule your move to coordinate well with other people’s availability, but if you’re moving long distance, you could be left short-handed without adequate man power to get the job done. In this case, hiring moving help like Premiere Van Lines ensures all your items are packed and moved into storage when it’s convenient for you.

2. What About Personal Safety?

Aside from the physical strain of moving, it can be potentially dangerous for people who don’t have the proper training to lift and move heavy items.  Consider how awkward and large some furniture items can be. The fact that you or a friend might suffer a back injury from falling or lifting is risky. However, when you hire a professional moving team, all staff members are expertly trained and have the right equipment to transport your boxes to a moving van easily.

3. How to Best Protect Your Possessions?

The simplest answer is to hire professional movers! This way you’re working with experienced van operators and moving crews who will wrap and move your possessions with skill. From oversized couches to getting drawer sets and TV stands maneuvered down tight staircases, our Premiere movers will bring along dollies, moving blankets, straps and piano skids to complete your move on-time and with care.

Keep in mind that prior to loading your possessions onto the moving truck, a van driver will take inventory of every box/item and place a colored numbered tag on each piece to ensure nothing goes astray. At time of delivery, each item is checked-off as it comes off the truck and our moving crew will help position furniture where you want it. Any disassembled items for transport will also be reassembled and your moving crew will do their best to make sure you’re entirely satisfied with every aspect of your move.

4. Save Time and Reduce Stress

The biggest benefit to hiring movers is that someone qualified will do the bulk of the work. No need to stress about finding people to assist you, arrange for a rental truck or take too much time off work.  With professional moving help, you can leave much of the organizing to your move company. At Premiere Van Lines, we feature personal moving consultants who meet you at your home to determine the best way to conduct your move. Full or partial packing services are available to save you time, and if you choose to do your own packing, we’ll still give you some professional packing tips to make things easier.

From there, a well-trained moving crew is assigned to your move and handles each step of the moving process with your requirements top of mind. For more information on hiring professional moving help, call our Premiere Van Lines Sydney office at 902-562-0222 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.