4 Safety Precautions for Moving a Safe

Moving heavy and awkward items like a large safe is best left for professional companies like Premiere Van Lines. Not only do we have the trained personnel to handle jobs of this magnitude, but we also offer proper equipment to ensure the move is done safely and without damage to your premises, or injury to movers.

However, if you’re up for the task and would like to move a safe on your own, it can be done if you have the right tools and people to help. Here are four precautionary tips to use when moving a safe:

1. Empty Your Safe

Since items will shift during the move, it makes sense to remove all contents within your safe before moving it. If items stored are mostly documents, then eliminating them won’t reduce the weight significantly, but it does ensure they stay in order. In the case that you’re dealing with a large gun safe, getting rid of your guns beforehand will help your lower overall weight and eliminate the possibility of damaging your valued weapons.

2. Rent Proper Moving Equipment

It’s imperative to have a heavy-duty appliance dolly and professional moving straps ready to go before moving a large safe. Always tilt the safe to one side and carefully slide the dolly underneath it. From there, wrap the moving strap completely around the safe so it’s entirely secured by the dolly.

3. Have Enough Helpers

Ideally you should have at least 4 to 5 well-abled people helping you move a large, heavy safe. They’ll help position your safe onto the dolly, then assist in keeping it in place as you move the dolly. Your moving strap alone will not secure this job, so at least one helper will need to act as a “spotter” while you wheel the dolly out of the room. A second person should then be positioned at the bottom of the staircase or at the front door as the dolly (assisted by at least 3 people) is moved out of the house.

4. Rent a Truck with a Power Tailgate

While most rental trucks come with manual ramps, it makes a lot of sense to rent a truck with a power tailgate. This makes getting the safe on and off the dolly a lot easier. Keep in mind, non-professional movers may find it difficult to roll the dolly up a manual ramp, as it’s usually on a steep angle. Positioning your dolly on the base of a power tailgate is a much safer option.

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Your crew of Roy, Brandon and Brian were fabulous!! So helpful, pleasant and flexible.  Genuinely willing to give a hand. They worked quickly and were very efficient. Enjoyed our experience with them!

Donna from Calgary

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