4 Tips for Moving Machinery

Whether you are moving a single piece of machinery or an entire plant, you will need the assistance of experts in order to accomplish the job safely, cost effectively and with minimal disruption to your company’s business operations.

Depending on the type of machinery that is being moved, the project will likely require specialized services from a variety of trades including riggers, millwrights, crane operators and more. Bringing all of these individuals together to execute your machinery move requires a comprehensive plan especially if you want to stay on schedule and on budget.

Here are four tips to make the process of moving machinery more efficient:

  1. Choose a company like Premiere Van Lines that will act as project manager throughout the process from start to finish. It will be their responsibility to work with your plant manager, maintenance crew and other key personnel to design a master plan to meet all of your company’s requirements. Start the planning process well in advance of the preferred move date. This will ensure that adequate time is provided to bring all of the stakeholders into the loop.
  2. Make the project manager responsible for hiring the necessary sub-contractors, provide the right equipment, develop the schedule and provide a detailed breakdown of all estimated costs so that your company can fix a realistic budget for the work.
  3. Require the project manager company to provide you with proof of vetting of the qualifications and experience of the millwrights and riggers that are responsible to disassemble, hoist, man oeuvre, place, reassemble and level equipment. These are the critical steps involved in moving machinery.
  4. When moving machinery, make safety a priority by not insisting on an unrealistic schedule for the various functions involved and being prepared for unexpected challenges that may arise. Keep the lines of communication open between the company and the project manager. Ensure that there is a backup personnel available for after-hours contact.

For more information on moving machinery contact your local Premiere Van Lines’ office and ask to speak to a member of their Commercial, Industrial Division.

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Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were during our office move.  The movers were very professional, respectful and made sure that none of the office staff lifted any boxes whatsoever and were extremely accommodating.  We would highly recommend this company for future moves!!

Nicole from Calgary

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