5 Most Difficult Things to Move

Families in Edmonton (or another city) contemplating moving themselves as opposed to hiring a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines would be smart to reconsider. Moving is never easy and a “DIY” move can be a lot more difficult. For one thing there is the possibility that someone will get injured moving heavy and awkward items. Obviously a “DIY” move is done by a moving amateur and the crews from Premiere Van Lines do it every day and as such know the best way to move all types of items. Another consideration when attempting a “DIY” move is the chance of doing property damage by banging into walls or doorways. This can result in costly repairs for the new owner or yourself if the damage is done at destination.

When trying to decide whether or not to hire a professional moving company or to do the move yourself, you should be aware of the following items that are considered difficult to move:

Heavy boxes:  depending on the quality of the packing materials used and the skills of the person doing the packing, that myriad of boxes can be a real challenge. It is essential that the boxes don’t buckle or tip over since they will be stacked on the truck. This is particularly important if they contain breakable items like dishes or glasses. Professional movers and packers know how to handle these items properly and make sure they are fully protected for the move. 

Aquariums: a lot of people choose fish as pets since they don’t require as much care and upkeep as dogs or cats but that can change when the time comes to move. The aquarium has to be drained and the fish transferred to travelling containers. It is always wise to retain a little of the water from the aquarium to be put in the new container with the fish. Fish and aquariums should be transported in your car and set up as soon as possible when you arrive at destination. The tank needs to be disassembled and filters and accessories packed carefully for the move.

Appliances: these items are heavy and awkward to move. Professional movers like Premiere have special appliance dollies to do the job properly. Remember washing machines need to be serviced before being moved. Your mover can make these arrangements for you. Their pre-vetted service providers have the blocking kits that should be used to make sure your washer arrives undamaged at destination. 

Pianos: a delicate instrument like a piano really requires the services of a professional to be moved safely. Not only are they heavy and awkward they can be easily damaged if not moved properly. Premiere has the right kind of piano skid and crews who are familiar with this type of item.

Televisions: today it is not uncommon to have a 60 or 70 inch flat screen television. If you haven’t retained the original packing material Premiere can provide you with specially designed television cartons which can be telescoped to properly fit your tv and ensure it is not damaged during the move.

As you can see your home contains a number of items that can be difficult to move. When you consider how much money you have spent to acquire these items you don’t want to risk having them damaged. For more information contact Premiere Van Lines’ Edmonton office at 780-455-4502 or call Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.

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