If you are fortunate enough to have a move to Vancouver in your future you are in for a real treat. Known as California north, Vancouver shares a real west coast vibe. Unlike cities like Toronto, here people “work to live” as opposed to the east coast where many consider “live to work” as their personal motto.  After all there are very few places in Canada where you can go sailing in the morning and then skiing in the afternoon. Here are a five things to know about moving to Vancouver:

1. A Healthy Lifestyle – in Vancouver very few people are couch potatoes. Outdoor activities abound walking, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing etc. When they want to eat out Vancouverites have  many healthy choices available in restaurants from small diners to Michelin rated restaurants.

2. Incredible Outdoor Spaces – where but in Vancouver can you you find a 400 hectare natural rainforest park right in the heart of the city. With kilometres of walking trails and magnificent mountain and sea wall views, Stanley Park is a true jewel. The park is the perfect place for all ages to enjoy including a visit to Canada’s largest aquarium. There is always something special going on in the park including festivals and cultural events.

3. Best Skiing in Canada – some of the best skiing in Canada is available with a longer season in Vancouver. Whistler often rivals Aspen as a premiere ski resort.  A drive up the “Sea to Sky” roadway won’t soon be forgotten. All of this is on average of 2-4 hours away.

4. Mild Climate – Vancouver is fortunate enough to have the most temperate climate in all of Canada. On the few occasions when they get snow, it doesn’t stay around for very long. 

5. The Ultimate in Urban Planning -Vancouver is known throughout the world to paying a great deal of attention to achieving maximum density without sacrificing critical green space.

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