Anyone who’s ever moved will tell you how surprised you’ll likely be at the number of boxes needed to pack up all your belongings. If you’re planning a move from Regina, Saskatchewan or any other city in Canada – it’s important to label your boxes like a professional packer. By doing, you’ll not only make things a lot easier in the unpacking process, but it’ll alleviate stress and ensure you find everything easily in your new house.

Here are some pro tips to use on your upcoming move:

1. Quality Labelling Materials

Purchase a selection of good-quality permanent and waterproof coloured markers for writing on your packed cartons. In addition to writing on cartons it’s very helpful to use packing labels in a variety of colours. You can purchase these kinds of labels from office supplies stores as well as from your moving company. Alternatively, you can create your own labels on your computer. Adding coloured tape to your label supplies is another way to ensure cartons are placed in the correct rooms.

2. Colour Coded Labels

Having your cartons delivered to the right rooms save you a lot of time and work sorting through boxes and re-shuffling things. By using coloured labels (one colour for each room), you can make a template list for your movers, identifying where each box goes. Make a few copies of this list so each member of your moving crew knows which room corresponds to which colour.

3. Add Colour Notification Beside Room

To make it easier for the moving crew, consider taping a coloured label on the wall beside the room that corresponds with its designated colour. This may be more efficient than having the movers refer to a written list.

4. Affixing Labels Properly

Another professional tip is to affix two coloured-coded labels to each carton. Use clear packing tape to secure your labels so they don’t fall off. Place one label on top of each sealed carton and a second label on each carton side. This makes them easier to identify and transport correctly.

5. Identifying Contents and Number Cartons

Knowing what’s packed in a specific carton will make it easier for you to organize your unpacking especially if you plan to do this in stages. Use your moving label to list the contents of each carton or write a list of contents on the side of the carton with a coloured marker. Also make note of any special instructions on the side of the carton (ie fragile, this side up etc.). When you use a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines, your van operator will prepare a numbered inventory to ensure that all the packed boxes loaded on the truck are delivered to your new home. However, if you’re doing your own move with a rental truck then it’s a good idea for you to number all of your boxes and prepare your own inventory listing.

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