Families in Vancouver (or other Canadian cities) who are deciding on hiring a mover for their long distance move or doing a DIY move would be wise to think things through carefully. Moving long distance is a lot more complicated than moving locally within the same city; it takes a high level of expertise for belongings to arrive safely and undamaged.

Planning the Move 

Moving is stressful and you will have a lot of things on your mind making it easy to overlook an important detail or task. With a professional long distance mover like Premiere Van Lines, an experienced moving consultant will assist you in planning your move. This individual will help you determine what you want from your move and then will relay that information to their operations department to ensure that everything is coordinated as you desired. The consultant will provide you with a detailed cost estimate so that you can budget for your move and will be available to answer questions or provide moving advice.


With a professional long-distance moving company, your preferred dates for packing, loading and delivery are determined in advance.  With a “DIY” move the right size of truck may not be available when you want it, especially if you are moving during the busy summer season.


A quick Google search will reveal scores of complaints from consumers who have rented trucks that had bad brakes or other mechanical problems. Unlike a rental truck you can be secure in the knowledge that a professional mover’s equipment is always in good mechanical condition and they will use the correct size truck equipped with dollies, appliance carts and furniture blankets to pad your furniture.


When you use a long-distance mover, fully trained crew members will be assigned to assist with the loading and unloading of your belongings. This makes it unnecessary for you to try and find friends or family members to assist with this task. Even if you can find people who are willing to help you do your move, these individuals are only available at origin. Without a long distance mover, you would be responsible to find people to assist with the unloading at your new location which could prove to be very difficult.

Handling the truck

Most people aren’t comfortable manoeuvring a large truck especially if you are moving to another city or province. By contrast a long-distance mover will have a certified, experienced van operator to handle this task and will arrange for a crew to be available at destination to assist with the unloading

Destination services

A long distance mover will assign an affiliated moving company to assist you to get settled in your new location. They can assist with the unpacking of mover packed cartons or arrange to settle a claim for loss or damage should it occur. Their office can also answer questions about your new location and generally help you settle into your new community.

For more information about long distance moving contact our Vancouver office at 604-530-2221 or call Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.