As moving day draws closer, families in Fredericton, New Brunswick and other cities in Canada can prepare for their professional moving packers to arrive by following these tips. Regardless of whether you’ve done a portion of your packing or opted to do all the packing – a smooth move requires some prep work:

1. Purge

Moving is the ideal time to dispose of items you no longer need, want or use – why pay to pack/move items you’ll likely get rid of at your new place? Take the time to go through your home and decide which items you can sell, donate or dispose of.

2. Obtain Proper Packing Materials

If you’re doing all your own packing, it’s important to use professional quality packing materials. You’ll need sturdy cartons in a wide variety of sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap and strong packing tape to protect belongings. You can purchase these materials through your moving companies like Premiere Van Lines at reasonable cost.

3. Group Certain Items

Keep in mind that the wardrobe cartons your movers provide are ideal for storing out of season clothing, especially coats. Separate these items by season and have them in one place so they can be packed together. This makes it more efficient and less confusing than mixing all types of clothing together.

4. Create Your Own Packed Inventory Lists

If you’re packing everything on your own, make an inventory list for each carton you pack. List and tape what’s inside each carton on the side of each box. By identifying what room each box is from and what contents are inside, this makes the unpacking process a lot easier.

5. Dispose of Dangerous Items

Your moving company will provide a list of items that can’t be placed on the moving van for safety reasons. Generally, these include: aerosol cans, liquid bleach, ammonia, ammunition, pool chemicals, acids, fire extinguishers, batteries, flammable, corrosive, flammable goods, propane tanks etc. Dispose of these items before moving day or pack them to take in your own automobile.

6. Collect Irreplaceable Items

Note that there are personal items that shouldn’t be put on the moving van due to monetary or irreplaceable reasons. These include things like: jewellery, coin collections, stock certificates, cash, personal documents like insurance certificates or deeds, photographs etc. These kinds of items are also excluded from moving company insurance. If it’s not convenient for you to take these things on your person, your banking institution can arrange for a secure courier transfer.

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