Packing up for a move in Vancouver or another Canadian city can be a tiring and time-consuming task. However, proper packing is key to a successful move. No place is this truer than the kitchen. Contents Of your kitchen contains mostly breakables which means it is imperative to pack in a manner that ensures your dishes and glassware arrive in undamaged condition. Here are some packing tips from Premiere Van Lines that will have you packing your kitchen like a pro:

1. Get the Right Packing Materials

Packing up your kitchen is not the place to use just any old carton particularly for breakable items. When packing up a kitchen, it would be wise to purchase professional china barrels from your moving company or a moving supply depot. These China cartons are triple walled and are meant to protect your valued items and withstand being stacked on a moving truck. Also, it is very important to have a large supply of clean packing material. This packing paper is used to cushion the packed items in both the bottom and top of the carton. Finally, use good quality packing tape.

2. Packing Plates

Plates are extremely fragile so start with double thick packing paper. Carefully roll the plate in the paper and then place them on their side in a prepared china barrel (do not stack them like in a cupboard). Then tape each grouping of plates carefully. When packing bowls, use a double thickness of packing paper and nest bowls inside each other with adequate paper between each bowl. Put in a layer of crumpled packing paper before placing bowls in the china carton.

3. Packing Glassware

As glasses are extremely fragile, you can use both bubble wrap and packing paper. Roll glasses in the chosen packing material including stuffing some inside the openings. Then add another layer of crumpled packing paper before placing glasses on their side inside of the carton.

4. Packing Flatware

Separate your flatware into knives, forks and spoons then roll carefully in packing paper. Tape each bundle carefully then place in china barrel on another layer of crumpled paper.

5. Packing Appliances

If you have original cartons that Appliances came in, you can re-use them, otherwise you can purchase professional appliance cartons (5 cube) from your mover or a moving supply depot. First remove removable parts and make sure appliances are clean. For example, make sure toasters are devoid of crumbs. Wrap each appliance in a double thickness of packing paper before placing them in appliance carton and seal with packing tape. Mark contents on outside of carton and room designation to make unpacking is more organized.

6. Packing Pots and Pans

Obtain a professional appliance carton from your mover. Wrap each pan carefully in packing paper. You can insert smaller pots into larger ones and seal with packing tape. Wrap lids separately. Place carefully in a carton and mark contents on the outside of carton.

7. Packing Foodstuffs

Moving is the ideal time to purge your pantry of expired items. Purchase two cube cartons from your mover for canned goods. Wrap cans in packing paper and stack in a carton sealing each bundle with tape. Cartons or bags of pasta, sugar or flour should be carefully sealed with packing tape then place in cartons. Mark contents on outside of carton to make unpacking easier.

As you can see, taking time to use the correct materials and then carefully wrap items will pay dividends on your move in terms of undamaged kitchen contents. For more information contact our Premiere Van Lines Vancouver office at 694-530-2221 or call Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-672-6683.