Summertime is the peak moving season. Over 60% of all moves take place during June, July, and August, and most take place at the end of the month. Try to avoid the last week of the month if possible.

To ensure stress-free summer moving, check out these top seven tips:

1. Book Your Mover Early

If you are planning to move during the summer months, choose a mover as soon as possible. Ideally, you should book a mover at least six to eight weeks in advance and make sure they have the proper resources like trucks, moving equipment, and trained personnel.

2. Rogue Movers

Stay away from lowball-moving quotes as there is a good chance it is from a rogue mover. Make sure the company you choose has its own personnel and moving trucks readily available. Rogue movers do not have their own trucks or moving equipment and usually subcontract your move out to an unknown company, or they take your money and do not show up at all.

3. Consider Professional Packing Service

It is no secret that packing is hard work and time-consuming! Professional movers like Premiere Van Lines offer affordable packing services that free up your time and alleviate stress. If you are on a limited budget, consider having the moving company pack only breakable items, which are most challenging to do.

4. Don’t Pack Heat Sensitive Items

As a moving van can get up to nearly 100 degrees on a hot day, the chance of explosion is much greater so heat-sensitive items like aerosol cans should not be loaded on the truck or anything perishable like food items or plants.

5. Your Movers Are People Too

Moving heavy furniture is tough work, especially when it is hot and humid. When you hire a professional moving crew they are trained to work under these conditions. Staying properly hydrated while moving is extremely important and most crew members will bring water to keep them going.

6. Children and Pets on Moving Day

On moving day, keep your children and pets happy and out of the way by sending them to a family member/friend’s house. This will minimize stress all around and it will keep your pets from getting out during the move. For a cat, an alternative is to place them in a bathroom with their litter box, water, and some food. Close the door and put a “Keep Out” sign on the door. It will also be easier to put your cat in the travel cage once the loading is finished.

7. Loading Your Shipment

It is important for you to be at the house when the movers arrive to point out any areas of concern and review the drivers’ inventory as well as sign forms. Likewise, you should be there before the truck leaves so you can do a final walk-through, make sure nothing gets left behind, and sign the movers’ papers.

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