Families in Winnipeg (or other cities in Canada) may be tempted to do their own move instead of using professional movers. This is generally a mistake especially on a long-distance move. If a move is relatively small and is only going a short distance, then it may be possible to handle a “do it yourself move”. On the other hand, a large local or a long-distance move should be left to the professional movers.

Doing your own move can lead to mistakes you might not have considered in advance. These mistakes can lead to stress, frustration, loss of time and even unexpected expense. Here are 8 mistakes that can arise on a “do it yourself move” and reasons why hiring professional movers is a better option.

Poor Packing

Packing is one of the most important aspects of moving. Determining how many and the right type of cartons is something that can be hard if you don’t have experience with moving. Professional packers know that in order to properly pack possessions so that they arrive safely at destination they need to be packed in heavy duty cartons designed for specific types of goods. This is especially true with breakable or fragile items like china, crystal or collectibles where professional packers always use triple walled china cartons. Artwork or mirrors are encased in telescopic mirror cartons to avoid damage. Using the right materials makes all the difference.

Timing of Packing

Packing can be both tiring and time consuming. It is too easy for a person to under-estimate how long it will take them to pack up their entire house. This often leads to rushed or poor packing to try and get the job done by moving day. As a result, some possessions arrive at destination in broken or damaged condition. Professional moving companies send a team of experienced professional packers to complete the job properly and on-time.

Disassembly of Furniture

Not every piece of furniture can be moved totally intact. Many individuals do not realize this or may not have the expertise or tools needed for the job. Because professional movers handle moves nearly every day, they know how to prepare tables, wall units, buffets etc. for the upcoming move. These are trained moving professionals who have the experience and the right tools.

Lack of Moving Pads

People who decide on a “do it yourself move” often don’t know that unboxed goods must be carefully wrapped in moving pads before being placed on trucks. Rarely do they ask the truck rental company to supply sufficient pads for their moves. Professional mover trucks come fully equipped with adequate quantities of clean, quilted, heavy duty moving pads. The van operator and the crew know how to properly wrap each item so that no damage occurs during the move.

Shrink Wrapping of Upholstered Items

People who don’t routinely move may not realize that upholstered items (especially light coloured furniture) should be shrink wrapped before being covered with moving pads. Professional movers know how to properly and safely do this regardless of the size or shape of the items involved.

Equipment Needed

Moving a household full of furniture and other possessions is not easy. It is hard back-breaking work that isn’t the purview of amateurs. Certain items like appliances, pianos etc. require things like carts, piano boards and other specialized equipment. Similarly, moving numerous cartons at the same time is made more efficient through the use of carts. People doing their own move may not know what equipment is needed. Professional movers on the other hand come to the move with everything that is needed.

Finishing the Move on Time

One of the most serious mistakes a family doing their own can make is not completing the move on time. When you stop to consider that the people helping the homeowner generally don’t have any moving experience, you understand why it takes longer than expected. If the new owner arrives with their movers, you may find that you will be responsible for all of their waiting time expenses. Professional movers by contrast always finish on time due to their knowledge and experience.

Where to Get Damaged Goods Repairs

Moving to a new city or community means finding new service providers. If you do your own move and some of your valued possessions get damaged, you could spend a lot of time trying to find someone to repair them. With professional movers a destination agent is assigned to help you get settled, in the unlikely event that any mover packed goods get damaged your destination agent will arrange for repairs with a pre-vetted service provider.

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