Choosing a moving company requires customers to do some due diligence if they want their move to go smoothly. The media is full of reports from unhappy customers who ended up with a bad experience including costs well in excess of original estimate, trucks that didn’t show up at all or not on schedule, crews who didn’t know what they were doing, late deliveries or difficulty filing a claim for damages or loss. These situations cause customers a great deal of stress and money. The term used for these kinds of movers is “rogue movers”. Companies like this gives the moving industry a bad image.

Rogue movers will often have an attractive, slick website (sometimes under multiple names). A quick check with the Better Business Bureau or the Canadian Association of Movers reveals numerous complaints. Even police forces in various cities/provinces have been called in to intervene on behalf of the moving public.

Fortunately, not all movers fall into the “rogue” category.  There are many ways to determine what makes a great moving company as they have several things in common including:

Physical Location

A great moving company is proud of their business and has a physical office and a warehouse. They are more than willing to allow a customer to pay them a visit. By contrast, rogue movers often have only a mailbox address or even worse, a false address that doesn’t exist as a moving location. The last thing they want is for a customer to drive by.

Moving Consultants

A great moving company has trained, certified moving consultants who will meet the customer at his/her home to perform a physical survey of what is to be moved. This is followed with a comprehensive, written estimate detailing all the moving costs for the services chosen. Also included will be a confirmation letter detailing the agreed scheduling for packing (if requested), loading and delivery. By contrast, rogue movers do not like to send someone to the home, nor do they usually issue detailed estimates. In many cases they will charge 1-2X more than originally stated and customers are forced to pay to get delivery of their possessions.

Moving Equipment

A great moving company has their own fleet of trucks of all various sizes such as pack vans, straight trucks and tractor trailers to accommodate your move depending on the size of the home or the destination location.

Permanent, Experienced Van Operators.

A van operator is like your moving day manager. This individual often owns their own tractor and pulls the trailer owned by the moving company. They work on a year- round basis for the moving company and most have years of experience. The van operators have an investment in excess of $100,000 in their tractors, take their job very seriously and consider themselves to be moving professionals.

Trained Crews

Great moving companies have structured training programs for the crew members who assist the van operator. In addition, if the moving company is a national van line affiliate (Allied, Atlas, Mayflower, North American or United Van Lines) there is a comprehensive quality assurance program in place that measures and monitors the performance of the moving company’s personnel.

Separate Packing Crews

Great moving companies have separate, trained and skilled individuals who are available to pack customer’s goods. These people specialize in packing all types of possessions and they know what materials to use for your household possessions.

Destination Agents

Great moving companies have affiliates in every province to assign as a destination agent to assist customers with any services required after delivery has been completed.

Structured Claims Process

Great moving companies (particularly those that have national van lines affiliation) have specific processes in place for the filing and settlement of any claims for loss or damage. With a rogue mover, customers are forced to chase after them and are often disappointed when settlement is not forthcoming.

As you can see, there is a lot of value to choosing the right moving company. For more information or to request a moving quote contact Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683. Premiere are proud agents for Atlas Van LInes.